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Therapi - Honey Skincare - Hydrating Facial Toner - Review

Honey is becoming more and more common in beauty products and is becoming something of a staple for me. I was recently invited to trial this product from Therapi Honey Skincare; a company I hadn't heard of but was keen to research.
Whilst reading up on Therapi Honey Skincare I came across their companies aims which I thought were lovely. Therapi aims to create the best natural and organic honey skincare products, which benefit not only the user but also the natural world in all its diversity and splendour. They also donate 5% of their profits to bee conversation projects. Now that's what I call a feel good company!
Orange Blossom No.2: Hydrating Facial Toner Balancing, for Normal Skin 75% Organic £25*
Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a sucker for fancy packaging, and this product is about as fancy as I have seen! The box is lovely, well branded and very thick and expensive feeling. However the bottle is my favourite part. There is just something so nice about a glass bottle! The writing on the bottle has been kept to a bare minimum and the bottle is a lovely frosted glass. The whole thing just screams classy, tasteful and high quality. It looks lovely on my dresser and would also make a gorgeous gift.


An instantly hydrating facial tonic. Naturally balancing orange blossom water and soothing botanical extracts of calendula petals deliver a burst of moisture to tone and revitalise the skin.


This product has a very strong scent. It's floral and fruity but also has that herby smell that you only get from organic skincare. I like this scent but if you don't like perfumed skincare then you may find this a little overwhelming.

The bottle is fitted with a spray applicator which I really love in a toner. I spray this directly onto my face and then use a cotton pad to rub over my skin. Were it a particularly hot day I may use this to spray my face without the cotton pad. This leaves my skin feeling lovely and hydrated and provides a lovely base for my moisturiser or serum.

I have also used this to make clay masks with powders. It works really well as the spray means no mess and the product provides an extra boost of hydration to the mask.

This is a high quality product which would be really lovely as a gift or just as nice to treat yourself to! It is also available for dry and oily skin.

To purchase or to view more products from the range, visit the webiste:


*PR sample


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