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Nougat Naturals - Hand Cream and Body Scrub - Reviews

Nougat Naturals Essence of Nature Nourishing Hand Cream £14* and Refining Body Scrub £18*
Nougat Naturals is a range of natural beauty products from Nougat London. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and free from nasties such as SLS and parabens. I have been trying the above hand cream and scrub and getting on really well with them.
Firstly the packaging is really lovely. These are definitely products you would give as a gift, with the lovely boxes and luxurious looking design on the tubes. Each came with foil seals and the flip caps allow for easy and clean dispensing.
My scrub is the Calming and Relaxing version whilst my hand cream is in Uplifting and Reviving. Both products are available in both variations with the purple and red branding being a guide. These products are also made in England which is lovely to see and important to many beauty fans.
Firstly the scrub:
The product has a lovely, natural smell which comes from the essentials oils which it contains. This scrub has a blend of sandalwood, chamomile, jasmine and lavender which leave a very luxurious scent like that of a posh spa. This contains some impressive ingredients such as coconut oil, basil, cucumber, green tea and olive seed which provide the exfoliating particles.
The scrub is quite a runny consistency, similar to a body wash. The amount shown was enough to do a whole arm and so I had to be careful that I didn't squeeze too hard and dispense too much. As I mentioned before the product smells really lovely and this was evident as soon as I squeezed it into my hand. I stepped out of the shower to apply this and used circular motions to lather it into the skin. The scrub becomes milky and foams up slightly which I really like because it's like using a scrub and a shower gel in one. There are plenty of scrub particles but I wouldn't say this is an abrasive scrub, more one you could use regularly for light exfoliation. When I rinsed it off my skin felt smooth and clean and very evened out.
Now on to the hand cream:
I love a hand cream and keep one in my bag at all times, applying several times in the day! This particular one has an amazing scent and again smells so luxurious and .... expensive! The scent comes from the mix of essential oils: bergamot, lemon myrtle, grapefruit, ginger and lemongrass. The scent is fresh and fruity and the ginger really comes through. This cream boasts ingredients such as sweet almond oil, shea butter, borage oil and glycerine to repair and moisturise skin and extracts of seaweed and cucumber to provide vitamins.
The amount shown is slightly too much for my hands so I applied this to my wrists as well, to use up the extra cream. The cream absorbs well and leaves a slight residue on the skin which isn't greasy or sticky but is nice as it keeps on hydrating the skin. I tend to have two creams on the go at one time; one for daytime and one for night. This is definitely a daytime cream as you can apply it and then straight away use your phone or iPad without leaving the screen smeary! My hands feel very hydrated and smooth and I don't feel as though I have to reapply this until I have washed my hands again.
These products are so high quality and luxurious but without ridiculous price tags and I am really impressed. They would make lovely gifts and I would consider these for my mum because they have a timeless, mature scent and look to them.
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  1. The hand cream sounds heavenly! I love a good refreshingly scented product :) Raspberrykiss xo

    1. Yeah it's a really lovely scent :)

  2. These sound lovely :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks! Best wishes.

    Camille xo


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