Saturday, 2 August 2014

Living Nature Foundation and Concealer - Review

I have tried Living Nature skincare products in the past and always really enjoyed them. They are a high quality company with great values and lovely packaging. Recently I posted a photo of their exfoliator on Instagram and was overwhelmed at how many responses I got. Everyone was telling me how fantastic their makeup products were and that I needed to try them! As you can imagine, I was then delighted when I was invited to try some Living Nature makeup products and jumped at the chance. Usually when using products I opt for lipsticks or blush but I decided to be more adventurous and choose a foundation and concealer to review. I am so glad that I did!

Firstly the packaging of the products. I love the foundation bottle, it's a frosted glass which looks lovely on my dresser. The other great thing about this product is the applicator. This bottle has a pump meaning, unlike many foundations at the moment, the product doesn't need to be poured out and a little can be used easily. The pump locks by twisting it, meaning it won't leak in your makeup bag. The concealer is in a small tube with a long thing nozzle which also allows for easy application. I think the concealer would benefit from being clear to allow the shade to be easily seen.

My foundation shade is Pure Buff and my concealer is in Light. I can't remember if I chose these from the website or if they were selected for me but these are an excellent match for my skintone and I am very impressed.

I primed my face using a little SPF moisturiser as usual, rubbing it right into my face so it is totally absorbed. Next I dispensed a little of the foundation onto my fingers tips. The product needs shaken before use yet is still very watery! Beware as I was taken by surprise and ended up with it running down my wrist! When I realised the consistency I started to apply tiny amounts to my fingers tips then dab this straight onto my face. Like I usually do, I spread the foundation out evenly around my face and then used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to buff the product to a flawless finish.

As you can see above, my skin is rough at the moment! I have loads of chin breakouts that nothing seems to be clearing up. After one application, I would have gone out but I decided to build it up just to see what kind of coverage this foundation is capable of. I then used the concealer on my spots and under my eyes. The concealer is quite a thick consistency and great for blemishes. It also smells really nice!

I have normal skin which is prone to chin breakouts. This foundation claims to be medium coverage which I would agree with but also say it's buildable. After taking the last photo above, I applied a little setting powder and would say this was probably a mistake. The powder seemed to make the finish a little cakey and the product didn't really need it anyway as it dried to quite a powdery finish.

On initial application of this product I was ridiculously impressed! I would honestly liken this foundation to my Estée Lauder Double Wear in terms of coverage and finish. But I was keen to see how it would last throughout the day.

I had a fairly light day on the first day that I tested this out. I did some housework, ran some errands and was outside in mild and then wet weather. When I came to remove this, some 13 hours later, I found that most of it was completely intact! Had I been going out anywhere, I may have touched up the concealer as the redness of my spots was showing through but the rest of my face was as if I had just applied it!

As I mentioned, I applied the concealer to both my spots and my under eyes. The product is thick and covered the spots well. It didn't feel drying or cakey and, as I mentioned, had a lovely smell. Since the first application I have avoided using this under the eyes as it is just a little too thick for my liking for this purpose.

At £28 for the foundation and £21 for the concealer these are by no means cheap. However you get what you pay for and these are extremely impressive products; high quality and natural!

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  1. The products look amazing on your skin x


    1. Thanks! I was so impressed with it x

  2. I love this foundation! I agree it is buildable and has a lovely finish. I haven't tried the concealer as I have a couple on the go at the minute but I definitely would in the future!

    1. Yeah it's great. I love the concealer. Actually feels like it moisturises my spots when applied which is lovely xx


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