Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream

A few years ago I used to use Nair regularly to remove hair from my legs. For some reason I have since reverted back to razors and not used Nair for a while. I have had this particular product in my bathroom for nearly a year and just not got round to trying it until last week.

One of the downsides of hair removal creams is the 10 minute wait for them to do their job. This product claims to seriously decrease that wait time by being shower proof. The idea is that you apply a thick layer of the cream to your legs using the spatula and leave it for 2 minutes. After this time has passed you get into the shower, go about your usual routine and leave the cream on for a further 3-8 minutes. You then use the spatulal to remove the product and the hair from your legs, all within your usual shower time. Sounds great but I had my doubts!
I applied the cream and then waited slightly longer than recommended, around 5 minutes before I got into the shower. My reason for this was because I simply didn't believe the cream could be shower proof. And I was right! Within a minute of showering I had lost large patches of the cream, especially at the backs of my legs. The tube states you should avoid excessive showering of the legs but I was literally just washing my hair and this would be impossible without allowing some water to get onto my legs! When I removed the product with the spatulal I found that the hair came away easily and, aside from some stray hairs around the knees, my legs were let silky smooth.
I was impressed at the hair removal aspect of this product but for me it just doesn't live up to it's claims of being shower proof. I will definitely buy from Nair again but maybe just from the normal range and not the shower-power creams.
This product is £6.99 and can be purchased from Boots.



  1. I used to use Nair and found it to be really effective at removing hair, but I just couldn't stand the smell!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Lol the smell doesn't bother me but I do see your point. I suppose it's the smell of burning hair!


  2. I'm glad someone thinks the same! It's a pain to remove as well - the spatula didn't do much I think personally!


    1. I didn't mine the spatula actually. It just annoyed me that it came off in the shower lol x


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