Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Empties

I really thought there wasn't going to be many products in the basket this month. I went on holiday and that meant limiting hat I was using, but there are a surprising amount of products here that I have used up.

TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner - I like this conditioner but it's nothing special. It makes my hair much more manageable but doesn't do anything for the condition or shine. 
Repurchase? Yes, when it's on offer.

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - This is my regular shampoo and it does a great job of keeping my hair clean and my scalp clear of flakes. For £1 this shampoo is a bargain and all the variations smell gorgeous.
Repurchase? Yes

My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream Samples x4 - I have the full size of this cream but took these sachets on holiday with me to save space. I love this cream.
Repurchase? No, I already have the full size.

Facial Sheet Mask Collagen Infusion - This is a lovely mask but it's really wet and was a bit uncomfortable on the skin after a while. My skin felt smooth afterwards but I didn't notice anything special the next day. This was a bargain though.
Repurchase? Yes

Body Shop Cream Exfoliate Sample - This was a bit weird and I'm not sure if I used it right! I rinsed it with water and it seemed to separate and didn't rub in well at all.
Repurchase? No

T-zone Cleansing Wipes - These are my regular wipe of choice and I love them.
Repurchase? Already have.

Cared Sensitive Wipes x3 - I bought these because the above were sold out. I wouldn't buy them again because they do nothing for taking my makeup off. 
Repurchase? No

Silkia Hand & Body Lotion - I got this as a gift and have been using it on my body. It's a very wet cream and I seem to end up with it splattered all over my bedroom! 
Repurchase? No

Lush Snow Fairy - This product needs no introduction, it's the nicest smelling, glittery shower gel ever!
Repurchase? Yes

Soap & Glory Heel Genius -  I have blogged about this amazing foot cream before. It's the only foot cream I have used that works!
Repurchase? Already have.

Ted Baker Hand Cream - I'm really into hand cream at the moment and this one smells lovely.
Repurchase? No because I already have another bottle

Nip + Fab 365 Body Glow Fix - I did a whole review of this product. It is seriously amazing and I recommended it to anyone who wants a natural looking glow.
Repurchase? Already have.

Calvin Klien Euphoria - I got this perfume from my boyfriend and I really love it. It's a gorgeous smell, really dark and great for nights out.
Repurchase? Hopefully I'll get it as a gift again :) 

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer - This is my must-have eyeliner. I love everything about it.
Repurchase? Already have.

Natural Collection Sweet Cheeks Blush - I love these blushes, they are such good value for money and lovely colours.
Repurchase? Yes

What did you use up this month?

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My 5 Favourite Lipsticks - ft. Collection, MUA, Clinique

It's only fairly recently that I have begun to wear lipstick but in that time I have made some firm favourites. These favourites are based on colour rather than formula.

In order from left to right:

1. Collection Volume Sensation in 13 Satin Bow
I cannot get enough of this lipstick. It is a nude colour and an almost exact match for my natural lip colour, making it a great everyday lipstick. The colour is quite shiny on the lips and the naturalness of the shade makes it easy to apply and very forgiving.

2. Collection Lasting Colour in 2 Pink Shock
This colour is just amazing. The pink is so bright and vivid and stays in the lips for a long time, almost staining them. You can also dab this lipstick lightly onto the lips to make a more subtle look.

3. MUA Lipstick in Shade 14 Bare
I have to admit this is a very similar colour to Collection Satin Bow but is more matte. Also a great natural look, easy to apply and easy to wear.

4. MUA Lipstick in Shade 5
This is a really light, shimmery, frosty pink. Easy to wear and doesn't look messy on application. Very subtle and great for a girly look. 

5. Clinique High Impact in 17 Rosette 
Although this is a red lipstick, it doesn't have that bright, shocking red edge. This is a warmer red which makes it better with my skin tone. It's a lovely lipstick to apply and very hydrating on the lips. 

Do you have any of these lipsticks? 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Make-up Storage

I don't have the biggest makeup collection but recently I have fund myself with more products than I have space for. My boyfriend very kindly fitted some shelves to expand my storage space and I treated myself to a small set of drawers to go on them.

Finding a set of makeup drawers turned out to be harder than expected. I looked in all the obvious shops but nothing was small enough. Finally I found this stack of 3 drawers from Dunelm Mill.

Drawers are pictured with a regular lipstick to show size.

I was happy to go for plain plastic drawers but these are so much prettier. They are metal, painted cream with a gorgeous flowery design cut out. There are 3 drawers which slide out easily and have a shelf each so they are not sitting on each other. This item is the perfect size for storing all the eye shadows and blushes that I don't use very often but still want to hold on to.

I just bought this so it should still be available and was £9.99 from Dunelm Mill.

#TheCharcoalChallenge - Vegetarian BBQ

Recently I got the opportunity to take part in My Moneysupermarket's competition to host a BBQ for £50. I am a vegetarian and, although none of my guests are, I decided to host a meat-free BBQ. Here is how I spent the cash:
Not pictured, I also bought a large bag of charcoal which was £5.
I did my shopping at Tesco and it came to £49!

We had:
Veggie Bacon
Veggie Sausages
Veggie Burgers
Grilled peppers, courgette and aubergine
Corn on the cob
Grilled halumi
Mushrooms stuffed with feta
Salad dressed with balsamic 
Bananas stuffed with chocolate

An absolute feast and really nice to have the chance to make so many meat-free things!

We started out having a rainy day BBQ but the sun made a small appearance before we ate and a great time was had! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

nspa - Beauty Balm, Body Fragrance and Body Butter - Reviews

nspa is a new range of facial products, skincare and haircare from the UK's number 1 day spa, Nirvana Spa. The range is exclusive to Asda and offers affordable spa products. Recently I was lucky enough to try 3 products from their extensive range.

The products all come in boxes and are numbered. The steps relate to skincare regimes and it is possible to buy a product for each step.

The first product that I received is the Beauty Balm. The packaging claims that this product minimises the appearance of fine lines and blemishes with a light, natural colour for beautiful dewy skin. The product also offers SPF 15 protection and contains vitamin C. Since BB creams came on the scene I haven't been very tempted to try one. As awful as it may be, I like a full face of foundation. - even on a sunny day! That being said, I did give this a go and was fairly happy with the results.

The cream is a lovely colour and blends very well, leaving the right tone for my skin. I perhaps used a little much as I found it took a while to rub in. As it promised, this product did cover my blemishes and I felt it was hydrating however I felt slightly naked and had returned to a full face of foundation by the afternoon. This is a lovely product but not something I will use so I am handing it on to someone who will. This product retails at £6.

The next product I received is this Jojoba and White Vanilla Body Butter. I really like the packaging of this, it's simple and classy.

Inside the tub, the cream is very thick. It smoothes onto the skin beautifully and you don't need much to get lovely soft skin. The smell is a little overwhelming but I used this on my legs so I didn't notice it after application. I like this body butter and think its a bargain at £3.95 because it will last me a long time.

The last product that I received is the Jasmine and White Musk Body Fragrance. This isn't something that I would usually choose for myself and it is rather a mature smell. Instead I think I might use this as a linen spray or to spray in my living room. The bottle is lovely and a really decent size for £3.95.

nspa products are available in Asda and more information can be found at

*Item received as a PR sample. All opinions are my own and items were reviewed honestly. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Miss Glossybox -July/August 2013

I am hardly the target audience of the Miss Glossybox bit after seeing the contents of the first box, I signed up and liked what I received. The products are high street and affordable brands and, although it makes it less special that the original box, I am more likely to find things I'll repurchase. This month's box contains 5 things. I like them all and will use them but I'm not entirely blown away by this box.

The Miss Glossybox comes in a drawstring bag rather than a box and I find these really useful. I used  my last one as a travel bag and love that they have changed the colour for this box.

So here it was I got in my box:

Miss Patisserie Starlight Macaroon Bath Fizzy
I love a bathbomb so can't complain about this at all. The fizz smells gorgeous and separates down the middle so you can only use half if you wish. This is full size and worth £2.

Glossybox False Eyelashes
Although I do like the look of these lashes, I think it's a bit of a cop out to include an own branded item as one of the 5 items.

Kiss Nail Wraps
I get my nails dine fortnightly so I don't tend to use polish or wraps. That being said, these are really funky and don't need heat to apply. This is a full pack worth £5.99.

Beyonce Midnight Heat
I read many bloggers who complain about perfume samples in these boxes but I really don't mind. I live in a small city and department stores don't supply you with free samples so I enjoy having a perfume that I can use for a few weeks. This smells gorgeous and comes in a small tube with an applicator. This is a 2ml sample.

VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcomb Spray
I don't backcomb very often but I do mess my hair up and I'm looking forward to using this. This is full sized at 200ml and retails at £3.69.

This box contained 3 full sized items and I will use everything.

Did you get this box? Let me know what you thought!

The Bristle Brush Company - Review of a new favourite!

I hold my hands up and admit that I haven't always been the best at looking after my hair. I'm full of good intentions and promises not to brush my hair when it's wet, but then I run out of time and break all my oaths. Sick of trying different conditioners and various hair maks I decided the root of the problem might be the tools I use on my hair. And so I came to find out about The Bristle Brush Company and their natural brushes. Natural brushes protect the hair, enhance condition and create maximum shine and bounce. 

The Bristle Brush range is produced by a family owned and run artisan business based in a coastal village near Barcelona. Three generations of the family have been lovingly crafting these wooden brushes for more than 50 years.  It’s a unique design which incorporates a mahogany barrel to absorb heat; a light-weight cork handle and reinforced boar hair, with the boar bulb intact, that spreads the sebum along each hair shaft for ultimate shine and manageability.  It’s easy to use, of an exceptional quality and looks gorgeous.  And – unlike most ceramic brushes – it won’t damage the hair by overheating.

The brush I have is the large round brush. The brushes are also available in a blonde version.

The Bristle Brush Company range includes:

The Boar Paddle Brush RRP £28
The Medium Round Brush RRP £22
The Large Round Brush RRP £26
The Extra Large Round Brush RRP £27

All natural Bristle Brushes come in a natural Juteco handmade bag created by women in India who are being freed from a life of exploitation by the charity Freeset. The bag is gorgeous, has a tag explaining the charity and is really hard wearing for carrying your brush about. 

Everything about this brush is high quality and lovely to look at. The cork handle makes it comfortable to hold, the wooden barrel is gorgeous and there are loads of bristles. 

I have been using this brush for 2 weeks now and love the result. I will say that this takes a little longer to brush my hair with than a plastic bristled brush but I end up with smooth and shiny looking hair. As if that wasn't enough, I put this brush to the ultimate test and tried it on a certain 6 year old's very tuggy hair! She loved it! She said it felt 'more tickley than tuggy and now asks for the 'special brush'. You can see that this brush isn't breaking your hair as it smoothed out the tangles.

Although this brush does seem on the pricey side it is absolutely worth the money. I am completely converted to this natural brush and my hair is already thanking me for it! 

For stockists call: 01932 706881or buy direct on-line at

*Item received as a PR sample. All opinions expressed are my own and item was reviewed honestly. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Accessorize Shimmer Block - Highlighter - Review

If you follow my blog you will know that I've recently become a huge fan of Accessorize makeup. I posted about the concealer kit here and the brow kit here and I have been using both religiously since. From the beautiful packaging to the high quality product I have been dying to get hold of more of these since. After searching the shops for this particular product, I have finally managed to get hold of it and it was seriously worth the wait.

The Shimmer Block comes in a gorgeous floral patterned box and is in a brick, as are the blushes and browsers in this range.

Inside there is a decent amount of product and a small brush. Usually I don't use these brushes but I find this one really fits into the product and is the perfect shape for highlighting cheek bones.

This product is very hard to capture but the colour is a very light pink with loads of shimmer. It is excellent for highlighting cheek bones on top of foundation and adding some glow to your skin. The product is very blend-able and would be suitable for many skin tones. The shimmer is lovely and gives a real summery look.

Yet again I am delighted with this product and will definitely be purchasing from Accessorize again! 

You can find out more about this brand by reading their blog -

*Item received as a PR sample. All opinions expressed are my own and item was reviewed honestly. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Cleansing Lotion - Review

This is my third post reviewing a cleansing lotion and I have to say that I have had a little more luck here. I realised that my mistake was buying products that contained alcohol so I was happy to see No Alcohol displayed on the front of this bottle.

I got this product for the bargain price of £2 so it definitely fits into my budget. The first thing I pleasantly noticed about this is that it doesn't sting! I rubbed it on and around my eyes and it was super gentle. Sadly, it doesn't seem to remove my eye makeup while it is being so gentle. I found that 3 cotton pads soaked in this got most of my face makeup off but my mascara didn't budge at all. This is my favourite of the 3 I have used so far for the simple reason that it doesn't sting but the search is still on for an affordable cleanser that doesn't sting and does remove my makeup!

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleasning and Toning Lotion - Review

Recently I have been searching for a cleanser that doesn't need to be rinsed with water. I have no problem washing my face but sometimes I just can't be bothered and would like a product for those occasions. I tried the Superdrug cleanser which I reviewed here but I found it totally stung my face due to the alcohol it contained. So the search continued and brought me to this.

One of my stipulations for a cleansing lotion is that it has to be affordable and this one certainly was. Other than that I also like the smell, but that is where the positives end. This product contains alcohol again and it stings! It is not so bad when used on cheeks but if I brought the cotton pad anywhere near my eyes they started to water. I have tried using this as a toner and it does a decent enough job so I will finish the bottle in this but I won't be buying again. 

The search continues ....

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Travel Review - modelsown 5pc Brush Set

I am on holiday just now! Before I went I decided to buy a travel set of brushes. Currently I use Real Techniques and I love them so much that I didn't want to chuck them in a makeup bag and take them with me. I wanted to buy a set that are perfect for travelling but also useful at home because I don't travel often.

Firstly, just look at how cute these brushes are. A set of 5 gorgeous coloured brushes, really summery looking and housed in a sealable carry case.

The set contains a powder brush, lip liner brush, shading brush, angled brush and blending brush. The powder and lip brushes have their own protective cover.

What I like about these brushes is that they are a really decent size. I have big hands and I find those tiny sets just too small to use. The fibres of the brushes are really secure and soft. The handles have the names of the brushes written on them, which I always like. 

This is a good quality set of brushes, perfect for a suitcase but also a great addition to my brush collection.

I bought these for £10 from Boots.

Recently I took part in a travel survey for My Money Supermarket about holiday habits for men and woman! You can see the results below!

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

Sunday, 14 July 2013

MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer - Review

As I am sure you have all heard me moan about before; my local Superdrug is rubbish. So rubbish that it doesn't stock MUA Pro, only their £1 range. During a recent online haul I decided to pick up some products from the range and this eye primer was one of them.

This eye primer promises to 'achieve vibrant, crease-free colour that lasts'. I have never had a problem with oily lids so my eyeshadow doesn't crease but for some lighter shades I felt a primer might make the colours pop.

This primer has a wand which makes it easy to apply. I dabbed 2 or 3 small dots of product on each eye then rubbed it in with my finger.

The primer is a fleshy tone and blends in well with foundation. I found my eyeshadow colours did appear more pure but I didn't find that their ability to last all day was enhanced at all.

For £2.50 this product is ok and I would use it if I were going on a night out or using a pale eyeshadow shade but I don't think il buy it again in the future.

What did you think of this product?

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Glossybox - July 2013 - Seaside Spalsh

Again I was shocked at the quick arrival of my Glossybox this month and really happy that I got it before my holiday! This months box is the Seaside Splash edition and the box is really lovely.

Inside the box is full of really summery colours and some decent sized boxes. Also this box contains 6 items!

Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz - This can be used to cool your face and to set your makeup. Perfect for this hot weather we have been having. This is a full size, 100ml product worth £6.

Coola Organic Suncare Collection Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturiser - This is a small sample but for your face so you won't need much. Iv never used a facial sunscreen before so I will take this on my holiday and try it out.

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Mist - I think this is similar to a salt spray and I like those so hopefully I'll enjoy this! It's a sample size but a decent size for a hair product.

Sleek Pout Paint in Lava and Pinkini - I am so excited for these! They are lip colours which can be mixed to make different shades. The colours I received are gorgeous and it's a bonus to get two! These are both full size, 8ml and worth £4.99 each.

Ciate London Paint Pot in The Glossip - Another gorgeous colour! I have been wanting to try one of these polishes for a while so I'm happy to see this here. This is full sized and worth £9.

What a great box this month!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser - Review

I am an absolute sucker for a new product so, when I saw these today while shopping with my mum, I had to have one. Luckily for my bank balance, I was blue to buy this little great with my Boots points!

These creams are in pressurised cans and spray out like an aerosol. The idea is that you spray it onto your whole body and quickly rub it in. The layer sprayed is light and even so the rubbing in is quick and you can dress straight away.

The cream is available in 3 varieties and I chose one with pure oat extracts. The other two were aloe-fresh and a cocoa butter one but I found the scents overpowering.

It's difficult to capture but the spray comes out thinly and evenly and is easy to coat the skin in. Although quite a stance idea for moisturiser packaging, I do like this. It allows you to moisturise your whole body without ending up with a bottle covered in product, sticky hands and a body waiting to try.

Vaseline Spray & Go is £4.99 in Boots.

Will you be trying this out?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Superdrug Deep Action Cleansing Lotion - Review

Since I starting to wear Double Wear I have noticed my makeup much tougher to remove before bed. What it needs is a good cleanser but I can't always be bothered with the hassle of washing my face, throwing water all over myself and my bathroom every evening! Cleansing lotions and waters are a good compromise because they don't need to be rinsed. When I had my recent Superdrug haul I picked up this own-branded cleansing lotion for a reasonable price, £2.59.

Firstly I must say that this product does a decent job of removing my makeup. I need a few cotton pads soaked in it but it strips away everything on my face and leaves it feeling very clean.

That is where my positivity about this product ends. This product contains alcohol and perhaps that is the cause of the problems I had with it. It stings. It really stings! It makes my eyes water and makes my skin feel like I'm stripping the top layer along with my makeup. It also smells awful, like turps.

Despite hating this from day one, I have used it several times. I have no idea why, I just keep reaching for it because it is so much handier than a cleanser when I'm in a rush to get to bed. Needless to say, I will not be repurchasing!

I would love to hear of any alternative cleansing lotions that don't break the bank or burn my skin!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ted Baker London Body Scrub - Review

As you know by now; I am a keen tanner. It is second nature now that between tans I use a whole body scrub to keep my tan even and avoid looking like an orange snake! Recently I took this scrub out of a Christmas gift set that I have been working my way through and decided to give it a go!

The packaging is as gorgeous as usual from Ted Baker: a lovely pink pot with a butterfly pattern and a gold lid. The first thing I noticed is that this doesn't have the 'Ted Baker' smell, instead it has a gorgeous, light and subtle flowery smell.

The consistency of this scrub is like nothing I have ever felt before! I was literally baffled when I first used it. It's very thick and firm, similar to butter. Rather than scoop some out you almost have to scrape some off the surface.

A few months ago my boyfriend said to me that shower gel should be sticky so that it sticks to your skin rather than sliding off under the water. This product does that! You really have to work this into the skin because the firm texture makes it stick to you in clumps. The scrub in this is nice, like a sugar scrub, and not too harsh. I have used this 3 times now and barely made a dent in it. With 300ml of the stuff I think I will be using this for a while! 

Have you tried this? What did you think of the texture?!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Nip + Fab 365 Body Glow Fix - Clear Tanning Gel - Review

This month's Cosmopolitan magazine offered a choice of Nip + Fab samples as a free gift. My boyfriend brought me home a copy and he very cleverly chose the tanning gel. I love tanning but rarely buy anything other than Lauren's Way because I feel like I can't afford to experiment. Needless to say I was looking forward to trying this free sample.

Firstly, the smell. This doesn't have the tan smell at all, in fact it smells delicious. It's very sweet and reminds me of tuti-fruiti or bubblegum but not in a sickly way! The tan is a clear gel and usually I prefer a tint so I can say where iv put it. That being said I did manage even application as I was very careful and could see a shine on my skin where the product was. This goes on a dream.

The packaging claims this to be fast-drying, streak-free and hydrating. I didn't find it particularly fast drying and could feel it on my skin for several hours however it was really hydrating and felt like a really good moisturiser on application.



I will admit that I normally go for a very 'fake tan' colour and this doesn't provide that. What it does provide however is a lovely natural looking glow that is very forgiving if your application skills are not up to scratch! 

If you are looking for a natural look, more of a glow than a tan or just something to take the edge off your whiteness then this is for you. It so easy to apply, I didn't even use gloves - just washed my palms after application. It smells lovely and it's leaves your skin super soft. I think I'll be buying this in the future for a work-friendly tan!

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Viridian Nutrition Clear Skin - Review

As a vegetarian I have always been conscious that I need to ensure that I intake all the right nutrients that I would be getting if I ate a diet of fish and meat. I have experimented with supplements before but normally I just try to keep a healthy balanced diet. Recently I got the opportunity to try Virdian Nutrition's new Clear Skin trio.

Here is what the company say:

100% Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil: There are numerous research papers indicating the use of nutrition in skin health and consistent through this research are three factors: inflammation, free radical damage and digestion. Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil provides a reliable source of omegas 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Dominant in anti-inflammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids - provided by specially selected seed oils, this internal skin treat also contains a whole host of fat soluble antioxidants including vitamin E and carotenoids, plus phytosterols and flavonoids for the health and maintenance of cellular integrity and membrane fluidity. Certified organic by the Soil Association, try this skin-loving oil in juices, soups, mixed in with humus and drizzled on salads and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin. £15.50|200ml

Clear Skin Complex: This specifically formulated blend of targeted botanicals, key minerals and fat-soluble antioxidant carotenoids in a base of digestion-boosting probiotics, offers hope to everyone looking for a clear, fresh, blemish-free complexion. £21.20|60 caps

The Clear Skin Cookbook: Our ‘skin bible’, this informative and easy to follow tome focuses on our largest organ, and how changing our diet can dramatically improve our skin. Having struggled with poor skin himself, author Dale Pinnock empathises with thousands of teenagers and adults around the UK who suffer with skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. As the UK’s first Medicinal Chef, he explains how what we eat affects our skin, offering tasty and healthy solutions to improve its condition, leaving you glowing with radiance. The simple and delicious recipes are packed with the vital vitamins and minerals that we all need to maintain healthy skin. Eating a healthy balanced diet and taking inspiration from his cookbook can help combat the most persistent skin conditions. £7.99

I love the idea of the oil. It can be added to food and so isn't like a supplement at all. It's very versatile and easy to slip into your regular diet. I love the idea of the Cookbook and I will be getting lots of use out of this. The first part of the book explains common skin conditions and identifies vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The second part of the book is the recipes which go from breakfasts and drinks to main course and desserts. Plenty of vegetarian recipes and I love the idea that you can intake the right nutrients for your skin without relying on a supplement.

I have been taking the Clear-Skin Complex daily for 3 weeks now and I am getting on well with it. The capsules are easy to swallow and don't leave a nasty taste as others tend to. I tend to have problem free skin anyway but occasionally notice a dry scalp and small pimples on my arms. The pimples have really cleared up since using this supplement. I have a week of the capsules left and then I intend to use the oil.

The Clear Skin Collection can be purchased here or from local health food shops and are perfect for any health conscious beauty fan.

Have you tried any Viridian products?

*Product received as a PR sample. Item reviewed honestly and all opinions expressed are my own.