Thursday, 29 May 2014

REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser - Review

I love cleansers and really take care with my skincare routine. I especially enjoy my evening products and like to take time with removing my makeup and doing a full cleanse, tone and moisturise. For a while now I have been removing my cleanser with a warm flannel and loving the feel of this new step. The cleansers I have been using are not specifically hot cloth cleansers however and so I was excited to try something designed for this purpose.


When I think of REN as a brand I think of high quality, luxury products with impressive ingredients and no nasties.


REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser £16*

The packaging of this product is simple yet high quality. The bottle is an excellent design, I think it's an airless pump system. I always find these brilliant for less wastage of product and you don't end up having to cut them open to get the last uses! The bottle comes in an outer box which also holds the cloth. I was happy to find that this is a cotton flannel rather than a muslin cloth. Personally I am not a fan of muslin cloths as I find them too thin and find that they seem to slide over the cleanser rather than really remove it.
Now on to the product itself. The cleanser is a lovely thick, creamy consistency with a gorgeous light rose scent. The idea is to rub the cleanser all over your dry face, with your makeup still on, and then use the warm cloth to gently polish the product off. I am used to doing a double cleanse but find that I don't really need to with this as my makeup is removed effectively and my face is left squeaky clean. I recently went on a night out and wore heavy makeup. I chose to do a double cleanse and used a cleansing water to remove some of the makeup, just so I knew it was thoroughly removed. On a daily basis however, I would stick to just using this on it's own. After rinsing the cleanser from my face, I splash with cold water to close the pores.
This product is a joy to use and there is no dry feeling or tightness of the skin at all. The cleanser is very hydrating and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Recently I have found myself with a lot of breakouts but the cleanser calms them, draws out the redness and so far I haven't had anymore.
At £16 I think this cleanser is very reasonably priced and I will definitely be looking to repurchase in the future.
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Male Grooming - Fudge Urban

If there is one beauty product that Lewis regularly uses, it's a hair styling products. He isn't particularly fussed with what he uses however and just picks what is cheap on or offer. When we recieved a parcel of Fudge Urban hair products, Lewis was keen to try them all out.


Firstly we recieved a salt spray and a styling powder. Lewis has short hair that he likes to spike up and these products are not designed for that. He tried both but they didn't give the style or the hold that he was looking for. Now on to the good stuff:


Surfer Wax £6.99*

Firstly, how cool is this packaging? I love it and it makes the product stand out from others. Lewis loves this product and has been using it for over a month now. He loves the scent which I asked him to describe and he said 'it just smells divine'! This wax works best when warmed. Lewis takes some in his fingers and uses my hairdryer to warm it. It applies well, styles well and holds the style for the day. This is slightly on the pricier end for a hair wax for Lewis but it's often in 3 for 2 offers in Superdrug.
Power Gel £6.99*
Again Lewis kept mentioning the gorgeous smell of this product, which is coconut scented. He prefers a thicker product which is why a wax works well for him but he does use this occasionally and enjoys using it. Although this is pricey for a gel, a little really does go a long way. This product also provides good hold and for girls who use a little gel, this would be a good one to both use.
Have you tried any Fudge Urban products?
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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul

The last few months has been all about Makeup Revolution! After reading several hauls and seeing the prices, I decided I better check them out for myself. I placed my order through Superdrug because they offer free delivery on all orders over £10.

Highlighter - Pink Lights £3

At £3 you really don't expect much from the packing of this but it's sturdy and does the job. The lovely swirly pattern on the cake remind me of the undress me highlight from MUA which I am a fan of. What drew me to this was the unusual colour - it's a lilac shade and very unlike anything else I have.
Powder Blusher in Wow! and Now! £1 each
At £1 each I'm really not sure why I didn't pick more of these up! Again the packaging is very basic but does the job. The shades, although very similar looking in the picture, are actually very different. Wow is a bright and vibrant pink while Now is more of a natural colour.
Brow Kit - Medium to Dark £2.50
I'm bad for buying brow kits and then never really using them! I just can't always be bothered when I'm getting ready for work and always reach for a pencil instead. But when I saw this at £2.50 I thought I would add it to my collection in case I am feeling adventurous! The cute wee tweezers are a nice addition too.
Lipsticks £1 each
Shades from left to right: Bliss, Flashing, Treat, Encore
I am a big fan of the MUA £1 lipsticks and knew I had to pick up a few of these to compare them. Firstly the packaging. It's slightly too flimsy for my liking and I don't feel like the lid closes firmly enough to take this out in my handbag. On the plus side, I love that the colour is shown on the lid rather than on the base! This means they stand beautifully in my lipstick holder. I have worn 3 of these so far and really like them. The colours don't last very long but they are well pigmented and moisturising. Great for £1!
I haven't used everything I bought yet but so far I am impressed and will definitely be purchasing from his brand again!


Friday, 23 May 2014

Current Favourites

I have managed to put together a decent amount of favourites this month considering I usually forget and end up with 2 or 3 items!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder 51

I wanted this for ages, finally bought it and fell in love with it instantly. Obviously this smells of chocolate which is a real bonus but it's also a lovely consistency and a gorgeous colour on my skin. I have been using this everyday and it's just a lovely product.

Ecotools Domed Bronzer Brush

I saw Midnight Violets rave about this and decided to pick it up to use with the above bronzer. It's a fantastic brush and I'm so glad that I liked it because I have been disappointed by ecotools in the past and so wanted to see what everyone else sees in them!

Rimmel Stay Matte in Ivory

I have raved about this foundation in the past but then put it aside to work through my higher end products. I recently decided to purchase this lighter shade and I have rekindled my love affair with this product. It's just amazing! I have a lot of spots just now, really red ones, and this foundation has such high coverage that I don't even need concealer to cover them up.

Personalised phone case from*

I have heard of personalised phone covers before but have never bought one because they are usually skins and I like a full flip case. When Mrnutcase contacted me to try a case I logged onto the website and found that they print on leather style flip cases! This was so easy to make on their fantastic website and arrived in 2 days!

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Another product that I have taken out of hiding and fallen back in love with. This blush is perfect for the summer because it contains shimmer and gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. I don't need to use highlighter when I use this so it's perfect for when I'm in a rush.

MUA Matte Lipstick in Pouty Pink

I have lots of MUA lipsticks but this is the only matte one I have. It's much different to the others and no where near as pigmented but I actually quite like that as it makes for a subtle, nude pink which I can wear every day.

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner*

I have to be really careful with shampoos because my scalp can be very sensitive so I like to have a nice conditioner to really treat my hair. This one was love at first use! Firstly I love the new packaging because it's much easier to dispense the product from. This smells amazing! It's like walking out of the salon, has that professionally washed smell. A little goes a long way and this product is easily rubbed in, not too clingy as some conditioners can be. My hair is left smooth and shiny and so easy to style. A definite repurchase!

Creightons Vanilla and Macadamia Cocoon Shower Burst

I got this from Home Bargains for 89p and it's the nicest smelling shower gel ever! It's like rubbing your body in a milky bar but not in a sickly way ......!


What have you been loving this week?

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Living Nature's Vitalising Exfoliant - Review

I'm really into my skincare at the moment and stick to a strict routine. I buy a lot of skincare, more than I need, but one thing I tend to forget about is exfoliating. I'm not overly keen on scrubs as I find them too harsh on the skin and can sometimes find it quite a sore experience. This product is perfect for me because it claims to remove dead skin without being abrasive.

Living Nature Vitalising Exfoliant £27.50 for 50ml*

If you are interested in guilt-free, friend to the planet beauty then this product is for you. The product is so pure and gentle that it has been listed on The Good Scrub Guide.

The Good Scrub Guide is a new initiative created by internationally-renown global biodiversity conservation organisation, Fauna & Flora International. It lists facial exfoliators that do not contain plastic microbeads, used by many cosmetics companies in personal care products, including exfoliators and scrubs. Being less than a millimetre in diameter, plastic microbeads are too small to filter out during waste water treatment processes and therefore wash straight into the marine environment. They add to the growing volume of non-biodegradable microplastic pollution in our lakes, seas and oceans, as well as cause blockages, malnutrition and even starvation for a range of marine fauna including filter feeders, fish and seabirds. Also, because microplastics absorb and concentrate toxic chemicals from seawater, there are real concerns that these toxins could be passed up the food chain, ultimately posing a health risk to humans.

So firstly the packaging. The product is housed in a simple, plain tube. I like the shape of the bottle, which is semi-circular meaning it sits flat on a surface. I also like that the product is dispensed through a very small hole, meaning you can control how much product you use.

Firstly I have to admit I am not keen on the scent of the product. I was expecting a honey scent but personally I think this smells like over-ripe bananas. Although slightly unpleasant, I didn't really notice the smell after the initial application and it wasn't off-putting at all.

I applied a thin layer of this to my face, avoiding eyes and lips, and left the product on my skin for 15-20 minutes. This doesn't set and become hard which is a good thing in my mind because I find that uncomfortable. It also wasn't overly sticky so I was able to move around the house and do a few things while I waited.

The back of the tube warns that you may feel a slight tingle as the fruit acids work to remove your dead and dry skin but I didn't find this this happened to me. After the time was up I rinsed my face with warm water.

I instantly noticed that my nose area was smoother and more even, which also helped when I applied makeup the next day. My skin didn't have the redness that it would have from traditional scrub but it was still smooth and even.

I have to say that this product is at the higher end of the budget but if you are concious of the environment, like a natural product and have a little more money to spend on luxurious skincare then this is for you. A little goes a long way and with only weekly use needed, this product would definitely last a decent amount of time.

Stockist Information: Living Nature’s certified natural Vitalising Exfoliant is available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores, by mail order and online. For further information, contact Botanical Brands Limited on 0845 2508455, email or visit the company website

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Vitamin C Radiance Capsules - The Body Shop

A few months ago I decided to put in an online order to The Body Shop. In the past I have rarely used any of their products and had seen some fantastic reviews. One of the products I bought was these Vitamin C Radiance Capsules.

When I bought these they were in the 40% off sale. This product is usually £15 and I would never normally pay that. For £15 this product is extremely expensive! This jar contains 28 capsules which are one use each and contain a tiny amount of product. That means that these capsules are more than 50p each! The capsules are only meant to be used once a day but that still means that this product costs £15 a month to regularly use.

Now for the product itself. The capsules are very easy to use, you simply twist the thin end off. The product is easy to squeeze out and the contents are the prefect amount to cover the face.

I instantly didn't like the feeling of this on my face. I can tell this contains silicone and I hate the feeling of silicone based products. I had read reviews of instant brightening of the skin but I noticed no change personally.

After 3 days my skin was still no brighter or more radiant but my chin started to break out in spots. The spots continued and got worse until I finally stopped using the product.

Obviously this a fail for me. It's not just the breakouts, as I realise that won't happen for everyone, but the product also had no positive affects and is extremely overpriced.

Have you tried this?


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Pulpe De Vie - Exfoliating Face Mask - Review

I absolutely love face masks! I use one every Sunday night in my weekly bath and love how luxurious they feel on the skin. Recently I have noticed a little dry skin around my nose area and so I was delighted when I was asked if I would like to try the Puple De Vie Sweet Frappe scrub and mask in one!


Sweet Frappe (rrp £19.50 for 75ml)*

Besides from the cute packaging, the product also boasts some pretty impressive stats. 100% natural with 30% organic grapefruit oil, cucumber extract, apricot kernels and lavender honey - this is definitely a feel good product! The product acts as a cleanser, mask and scrub leaving you with baby soft skin.

Firstly I have to say that the mask smells absolutely delicious. It's such a gorgeous fruity scent which really lingered in my bathroom and was still there hours later. The product itself is a much thicker consistency than I was expecting given that it's a scrub. I applied a thin layer to my whole face and got into the bath.

This mask only advises leaving for 5 minutes however I left for slightly longer as I usually would. When I was ready to remove it I used my fingers to rub the product in circular motions - this is where the exfoliating comes in. The apricot kernels are enough to give a decent scrub but not sore or abrasive like salt crystals are. I rinsed my face with warm water and then applied my usual moisturiser when dry.

This is a gorgeous product. The smell alone makes you feel awake, fresh and healthy. It's perfect for those with little time in the morning as it can be applied, left on while you wash your hair then rubbed and rinsed to leave lovely soft skin. A real winner in my eyes.

Stockist Information: the Pulpe De Vie skin care range is available from select stockists and online from Absolutely Devine at

*PR sample


Friday, 16 May 2014

Glossybox May 2014 - 50 Years of Superdrug

If you follow my blog you will know that I cancelled my Glossybox subscription a few months ago. It wasn't that I was disappointed by the service, I just thought I would like to try something different. This month I recieved an email to say that Glossybox had a secret collaboration coming up promising 4 full sized items. I was lured in and I ordered the box!

I was absolutely delighted when I saw that the box is in partnership with Superdrug to celebrate their 50th anniversary! I love Superdrug products and the box is a lovely pink and gold theme.

As you can see the box is really packed. I have done a little researching on instgram and there were some fantastic items available however I am happy with what I recieved.

Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion and Ghost Eclipse Samples

These little sample sachets have been thrown in as little extras which is a nice touch. I love ghost perfumes and I love getting little sample vials because they are handy for chucking in my bag.

Blowpro after blow strong gold finishing spray - sample

This is the one sample sized product in the box but it's a really decent size! The full version is £11.99 for 283ml. I think this is basically a hairspray but more designed for holding a blow dry. Il definitely give this a try and it will be great for putting in my handbag for nights out.

School Velvet Smooth Overnight Mask - £7.99

I'm really excited about this product and can't wait to try it out. I also know that Lewis will love this! The idea is that this is a hydrating cream which you apply to your feet then leave to work overnight.

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic - £2.99

Not exactly a high value product but I do love Collection so I'm sure I will enjoy this! I also love bronzers and esspcially for summer.

B. Complete Long-lasting Nail Polish - £4.99

Not overly impressed with this product. Iv had a B. nail polish before in a Glossybox although not in this shade. This box is supposed to be a summer edit but the polish is black so I'm sort of confused by that!

I Love Cosmetics Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss £1.29

I have never heard of this brand but you can never have too many lip glosses!


Ok so this isn't a high value box but I like the range of products and I will definitely get good use out of them.


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Love Me Beauty - May 2014

A month can barely go by without a moany blog post or you tube review of a beauty box! This month it is Love Me Beauty's turn to feel the blogger wrath, however not from me. One of the benefits of this particular subscription is the ability to skip a month if you don't like the contents. For that reason, there really shouldn't be need to moan about the selection and yet I still see it!

There wasn't much variety in the boxes this month and I went for Edition 1 simply because I liked the scent of the lip balm best. I think it's slightly disappointing that only 3 of the 5 items were beauty related but I felt I would use everything so ordered the box.
GO Stationary Pocket Notebook Set in Vintage Ditsy - £5
This is slightly random and not a beauty product but I have to admit these are really cute. The notebook trio was available in 3 different pattern sets and each of the notebooks is printed with a different cute design. These are a really dinky size, perfect for the handbag, and I'm sure I will get good use out of them.
Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm in Hint of Mint £1.98
I wanted this particular lipbalm because I really love minty products on the lips. This contains organic coconut oil and looks like a lovely product. In my opinion you can never have too many lipbalms so I'm happy to have this one.
Nail Girls Nail Polish in Nude Pink £13.50
£13.50 for this is an absolute joke and I can't imagine anyone paying that for an unknown brand. The colour is lovely but I rarely wear nail polish so this isn't much use to me.
Tea Pigs Chocolate Flake Tea 65p per bag
I have heard a lot about this brand but never tried it. I think this is seriously overpriced but I'm intrigued by the flavour!
Suti Trial Pack £6.50
These samples are pretty tiny but they are all balms so I would imagine that a little goes a long way. I always forget to use samples but they are handy for travelling so are nice to have.
Overall I'm not disappointed by this box as I notice others are. I will use everything and there are some nice items in here, I just hope we will be back to all beauty items next month.