Friday, 23 May 2014

Current Favourites

I have managed to put together a decent amount of favourites this month considering I usually forget and end up with 2 or 3 items!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder 51

I wanted this for ages, finally bought it and fell in love with it instantly. Obviously this smells of chocolate which is a real bonus but it's also a lovely consistency and a gorgeous colour on my skin. I have been using this everyday and it's just a lovely product.

Ecotools Domed Bronzer Brush

I saw Midnight Violets rave about this and decided to pick it up to use with the above bronzer. It's a fantastic brush and I'm so glad that I liked it because I have been disappointed by ecotools in the past and so wanted to see what everyone else sees in them!

Rimmel Stay Matte in Ivory

I have raved about this foundation in the past but then put it aside to work through my higher end products. I recently decided to purchase this lighter shade and I have rekindled my love affair with this product. It's just amazing! I have a lot of spots just now, really red ones, and this foundation has such high coverage that I don't even need concealer to cover them up.

Personalised phone case from*

I have heard of personalised phone covers before but have never bought one because they are usually skins and I like a full flip case. When Mrnutcase contacted me to try a case I logged onto the website and found that they print on leather style flip cases! This was so easy to make on their fantastic website and arrived in 2 days!

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Another product that I have taken out of hiding and fallen back in love with. This blush is perfect for the summer because it contains shimmer and gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. I don't need to use highlighter when I use this so it's perfect for when I'm in a rush.

MUA Matte Lipstick in Pouty Pink

I have lots of MUA lipsticks but this is the only matte one I have. It's much different to the others and no where near as pigmented but I actually quite like that as it makes for a subtle, nude pink which I can wear every day.

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner*

I have to be really careful with shampoos because my scalp can be very sensitive so I like to have a nice conditioner to really treat my hair. This one was love at first use! Firstly I love the new packaging because it's much easier to dispense the product from. This smells amazing! It's like walking out of the salon, has that professionally washed smell. A little goes a long way and this product is easily rubbed in, not too clingy as some conditioners can be. My hair is left smooth and shiny and so easy to style. A definite repurchase!

Creightons Vanilla and Macadamia Cocoon Shower Burst

I got this from Home Bargains for 89p and it's the nicest smelling shower gel ever! It's like rubbing your body in a milky bar but not in a sickly way ......!


What have you been loving this week?

*PR Samples



  1. I've always wanted to try sleek Rose Gold! It looks so nice :) x


    1. It's lovely! Iv been using it everyday just now!!

  2. I love the Creightons Vanilla and Macadamia cocoon shower gel, I also have the same handwash and shower/Bath cream, Love the fragrance, it reminds me of cheerios LOL!!

    1. Aw I'd love to get the others too!!! Cheerios?!!! Haha


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