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Male Grooming - The Gentle-Man Range - Reviews

This is my 3rd post in my Male Grooming series and is going to be a long one! As I have mentioned, beauty isn't exactly an interest of my boyfriend Lewis but he has been willing to give it a go to help me write reviews! The more products he has used, the more he has started to enjoy them and he now has a wee beauty routine going!

The Gentle-Man Range was created by Dr. Paul Byrne, a retired creator of luxury fragrances. The products are designed and made in Britain and the brand is proud to be a Great British company. The theme of the products is a classic one. The name says everything and the claim is that this range is designed for the modern gentleman.

The quirky design, cute names and quality packaging make these lovely gifts. The products are all at the higher end of the market and not something my boyfriend would buy for myself but, as I say, lovely for a gift or a special occasion.

Now onto the products themselves. Lewis has been lucky enough to trial the whole range and has been using these now for a month and so can give a thorough review.

Gentle-Man Eau De Toilette 100ml £30*

All of the products come with outer boxes which display half a mans face with a top hat. My boyfriend isn't one to keep boxes or display products but if he were, these look lovely on a shelf together and can be turned around so that the faces match up - a nice little touch. Inside each of the boxes there is a paper insert which is made like a newspaper and called The Gentle-Man Gazette. This contains product information plus a few wee quirky quotes etc. I love this and think a consumer would be far more likely to read this than a boring ingredients list shoved into the box.

The first thing that Lewis commented was that he felt the design of the bottle was a little disappointing. I can see his point but also think it is plain but classic and does the job. The product dispenses through a spray allowing for easy application. As for the scent; we instantly both liked this! I'm useless at describing scents but it's fruity whilst still being manly and quite different to aftershaves that Lewis would normally wear. The fragrance is very long lasting and I noticed that I could still smell this on him at bed time. As I said before, Lewis would never usually spend any money on beauty products but at £30 for 100ml this is great value and he would buy it again.

Body Washes 300ml £13 each*

From left to right: Decidedly Invigorating Peppermint, Rather Splendid Sandlewood, Jolly Stimulating Black Pepper

Firstly the packaging. The boxes are lovely as above and inside the bottles are a great, square shape and in a lovely black plastic, making them look sleek and manly at the same time. I personally thought that the solid plastic bottles would cause the end of the product to be difficult to dispense but Lewis assures me that this isn't a problem. He likes that the top is pushed down to use the product and that the lid doesn't have to be unscrewed. His only problem with the packaging is that the bottle is very similar to the face wash and he sometimes reaches for the wrong one.

Lewis is used to using a shower gel rather than a body wash so this took him a little getting used to. He found it very thin and would run through his fingers. When he got used to this though he found that it foamed up well if you use a decent amount. The scents are nice but not very strong. Overall he likes using these but hasn't been complexity blown away.

'Aloe Sweet Cheeks' Shave Cream - Lemongrass 175ml £15

My cat decided to climb into the last photo so, meet Silky!
I love the yellow box of this one and inside the tube is the same black plastic. Lewis doesn't really like sharing his products but as he doesn't shave very often, I decided to borrow this one day! Obviously this is designed for shaving the face but I used it on my legs and really liked it! Only a small amount is needed to cover the area as the cream is lovely and thick. I got a really smooth and close shave from this and found that the product added moisture to my skin. Often when I shave I find my legs dry but this really added moisture. A lovely product which I can only imagine is just as lovely on the face.
'Highly Hydrating' Daily Moisturiser 100ml £18* and 'Super Soothing' Post Shave Balm 100ml £16*
How cute are these in their matching boxes?! I just love these and they would make lovely gifts, especially along with the shaving cream. The boxes and tubes are the same as the rest of the range and I have stood the boxes side by side to match up the faces.
Firstly the post shave balm. Personally I wouldn't describe this as a balm because the consistency is very similar to a cream. Lewis uses this after shaving and finds it lovely and cooling on the skin. There isn't much of a scent to this, it just has a cream smell but Lewis enjoys using it and has been using it regularly.
Next up, the daily moisturiser. This is a very similar product to the post shave balm but maybe a slightly thinner consistency. For Lewis, if he actually goes out of his way to use something then I know it must be good. He has been using this daily and enjoys it. His skin is hydrated and smooth.
'Frightfully Fresh' Daily Face Wash - Pomegranate 200ml £15*

I love the colours in the box of this one, the design is very eye catching. As you can see the bottle is very similar to the body wash so I can see how Lewis would find himself getting mixed up. 200ml is a great size for a face wash which makes the price pretty reasonable. Lewis has recently found a love of facial scrubs and is enjoying using this product on the days that he isn't exfoliating. He used it in the morning in the shower and likes the feeling of it on his skin. Again there isn't much of a scent to this one but that probably isn't a bad thing as a heavily fragranced fash wash can be quite irritating to the skin and eyes. I would like to try this one as I would say it's a unisex product really, although aimed at men.


If you are looking for a gift for a man then you really can't go wrong with The Gentle-Man Range, especially with Father's Day coming up. Everything about the products is well presented and has a quirky feel!

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