Thursday, 8 May 2014

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser - Review

I am hugely into my skincare just now and have been enjoying buying and trying new products. For a long time I have seen Good Things products in Boots, been tempted but never actually got around to picking anything up. I am pretty sure I got this on offer or as part of a 3 for 2 but I can't quite remember. However on the Boots website this is £4.99.
What initially attracted me to this is the packaging. I like the name and I like the wee flowery patterns all around the brand logo. As the name would suggest, the cleanser is free from baddies and contains only good things.
On first deciding to try this product, I was a little torn. I prefer to use cream cleansers at night time and use either a gel or scrubby cleanser to wake me up in the morning. This however is called 'fresh start' and obviously meant for the morning. I apply a decent amount of this to my skin and then use a damp face cloth to remove the cleanser. I find it takes quite a lot of time to fully remove but does leave my face feeling squeaky clean.
I have to say, I'm a bit confused by this one. It's left me feeling a bit ....... meh, however it has left my skin in nice condition and hasn't broken me out. I think my problem with it is it's claim to be for a fresh start. To me, a fresh cleanser would contain citrus or mint or Teatree and have a little bit of a kick about it, maybe even a slight sting to wake you up. This smells nice but it's sickly sweet and not fresh smelling. In the morning it can make me feel a little queasy to be honest. As I say, it's nice for my skin. It hasn't broken me out and my skin isn't dry at all. Perhaps I'm best to switch to using it before bed, in keeping with my personal preference for cleansers.
Have you tried this one?



  1. I haven't tried the cleanser but I do own Good Things Mattifying moisturiser, it smells really sweet, but luckily I don't mind using it on my face when I get up because I love sweet smells. I also have their eye cream too, those two products have definitely impressed me and I use them every day. Didn't know they sold in Boots though, I've been buying mine from Tesco lol.
    Your blog is fantastic, keep up the great work :) xx

    1. Aw maybe I did get it in Tesco ..... I can't remember now lol!
      Thanks lovely :) xx


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