Sunday, 14 September 2014

Degustabox August

This months Degustabox came a little late to me and was sadly a little bashed about. I contacted the company who were happy to replace the damaged item but I didn't feel the need and was just letting them know so they could chase up their courier.

As usual the box came wrapped in brown paper. Inside there was bubble wrap and each glass product was also well lined.

Each box comes with the card which has the details of the products printed on it. On the reverse of the card there are recipes using some of the items from the box. This month we also got a leaflet for Berry White. New to the box this month is Degustabox Fridge. This is a coupon for an item that they couldn't include due to it being chilled. This months coupon is for a 4 pack of MOMA muesli yogurts worth £2.99 which can be redeemed at either Waitrose or Sainsbury's. I don't have either of those stores near me but Degustabox do say that this is an added extra and that it is on top of the value of your box.
Brioche Pasquier Pain au lait £1.69 and Croissants £1.79
I have actually tried these before and I am a big fan of this brand. These products have long shelf lives considering they are baked but they don't have the artificial taste of long life baked goods. I warm these in the oven for 4 minutes and they are lovely and soft and nice with butter. These are also really reasonably priced considering they are 8 packs. A great thing to get in my box.
Mexican Dave's Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips £1
I love tortilla chips however I haven't heard of this brand as they are only just in the supermarkets! I have already eaten these and they are lovely but perhaps a little more than lightly salted in my opinion. For £1 this is a huge bag and great value for money.
Fever Tree Tonic Water and Ginger Beer £1.69
These were the non alcoholic option this month and actually the product that arrived damaged to me as one of them had leaked. I haven't heard of this brand and these are not really something I would pick up at that price but I look forward to trying the ginger beer, maybe as a mixer.
Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri £2.50
This is the alcoholic option this month and one I was happy to see. I have bought Caribbean Twist before and always enjoyed it. Over ice this is the perfect drink for a BBQ or summer picnic. It's also low alcohol at 4% so lovely to have one for a little treat. These are really affordable and various lovely flavours are available.
Berry White Organic Drinks Peach & Goji Berry £1.59
This is an organic drink with no added sugar and no artificial preservatives. I like the idea of this but I'm not keen in the flavour I got. I see from the booklet that lemon and ginger is also available and that's a flavour I would definitely be keen on trying.
Cawston Press Apple & Pear juice £1.89 for 3
This is a juice carton aimed at kids and so not something I would usually purchase however I will try it. These are not from concentrate and have no added sugar.
Dr. Oetker Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases £2.50
I don't actually do a lot of baking and so wouldn't usually pick these up but I think they are such a good idea! Theses cases can be eaten with your cupcake and don't need a tray for baking. These are fairly expensive considering there aren't many in the pack but such a good idea and something I'm totally up for trying.
Schwartz Flavour Shots £1.39 for 2
These flavour shots are such a great idea and definitely something I would buy because I'm useless when it comes to mixing herbs and spices. These are available in 8 varities and I got Mexican fajitas and Spanish paprika chicken.
Lindt Hello A Tiny Little Something Just For You £3.49
I ate all of these before I had a chance to take a photo of how cute they looked! Inside the lovely tin there are 10 milk chocolate hearts, individually wrapped in cute pink foil. These tasted delicious as you would expect from Lindt are were the perfect wee treat. These are expensive would you get high quality for your money and these would be lovely to add to a gift.
Another great box full of lovely things that I am excited to try!
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Friday, 5 September 2014

10 Minute Makeup by Boris Entrup

A very quick post today and one I have been meaning to write for a long time! I actually picked up this book when it came out but just kept forgetting to post about it!

10 Minute Makeup is published by DK and retails at around £9.99. The books features 50 makeup looks and is full of high quality pictures, step by step guides and plenty of tips.

I haven't actually recreated any whole looks from the book but I love to look through it for ideas and it is also great for reference. It is so easy to use and each little step has a photo which makes everything so clear. This book would be fantastic for beginners as the start of the book has a section about building a kit and all the basics required for makeup application.
Makeup books are not actually something I am interested in and this is the first one I have had but I enjoy looking through it and have found some useful tips.
What is your favourite makeup application book?


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Natures Inspiration Clay Mask and Lip-balm - Review

Blogging takes up an awful lot of time and, no matter how organised I try to be, sometimes it slips away! I moved house a few months ago and things got lost and misplaced! Whilst looking through the photos on my iPad recently, I realised I had never actually reviewed these products despite using them often for the last 4 or 5 months! So finally, here is my review!

Rhassoul Moroccan Clay Mask £10* and Peppermint Lip Balm £4*

Firstly the mask. This is a powder clay mask which needs to be mixed with water to create a paste. I am never really a fan of these because they are just so messy and I usually end up losing most of it down the sink. The instructions for this mask say that a floral water can be used instead and so I decided to take that advice. I chose a floral water that is in a spray applicator bottle. This worked so well as I could control how much I was adding and not flood the powder! Using this method I found it easy to mix the powder into a paste. I applied to my face and left for between 5 and 10 minutes.

As it dries the mask becomes tight on the skin. I use a cloth to wash this off and it comes away nicely. Underneath my skin feels soft and refreshed. I use this mask fortnightly and it keeps my skin looking bright and feeling soft.

I have recently read on the website that the high mineral content of his mask means it is great for drawing oil from the scalp. I am looking forward to experimenting with using this mask on my hair - more info to follow!


I love a lip balm, especially a peppermint one and so I began using this straightaway and have been using this ever since. I always have a few balm on the go at one time, usually one next to my bed for night time and a few in my bag. This is one I use for daytime use. The texture of this is very similar to Vaseline and lubricates the lips. I wouldn't say this absorbs into the lips as such and that is why I don't use it at night. What I do like is that this is lovely to refresh my lipstick. Especially with the Revlon Matte Balms, after a few hours of wear they look quite dry and so a little of this helps to moisten them and adds a shine to my lips without removing the colour!


These are lovely products which have slotted into my routine and have been getting regular use.

To see more from the range, visit the webiste:

*PR samples