Tuesday, 29 April 2014

HealGel Body - Review

After 2 weeks of using HeelGel Face, I was hooked. I have since used my entire bottle and have also found a similar love for HeelGel Eye. I have nothing but good things to say about the products and was obviously delighted when I heard about the launch of HeelGel Body!

If you are new to HeelGel then I will provide a little background:

HealGel is an aqueous gel, bringing together in one formula the best active ingredients to soothe, repair and protect your skin.

The advanced skin rescue formula was designed by a team of the world's leading plastic surgeons and a renowned dermatological biochemist. They pooled their cutting edge research to provide peerless base-layer treatment for all skin types.

It is cleverly designed; the nano-technological elements (liposomes containing the key ingredients) deliver predictably to the depth of the skin where they are needed most.

It is easy to use, being light, non-greasy and delicately fragranced. It provides a perfect primer for any make-up applied, and you only need to use it sparingly.

The best bit is, it isn't all talk. HeelGel really works.

Please excuse the dodgy background of these photos; there is a reason for it! I was so excited to try HeelGel that I picked it up from the postman on my way to my holiday! I was was in a campervan and decided to start using this instantly, hence the campervan couch background!

Firstly the packaging. This is sticking to the layout of the previous products but with a yellow label. The design is made to look like a pharmacy label and I like this quirky idea. This product is in a squeezy tube which allows for mess-free application.

HeelGel body smells lovely ...... I mean absolutely delicious! I cannot really place the scent but I think it is lightly rose scented and smells of Turkish delight. It's a very fresh scent and definitely one for summer.

HeelGel body is designed for damaged skin. It's perfect for sun damaged skin or irritation. At £39.50 for 100ml this is an expensive product. If I were to use this as a body lotion, it wouldn't last long! Given the price tag, I chose to use this on a damaged area; a dry patch on my knees that doesn't seem to be clearing up. The product is a gel, as the name would suggest, and absorbs very quickly into the skin. I applied a small amount to my knee twice a day and within 3 days it was beginning to clear up. I can imagine this would be fantastic for sun damaged skin as it's lovely and soothing on application.

I'm not going to lie, this is pricey, but as a present or something to save up for this is really worth a try! If you haven't tried any HeelGel products then make sure you do! You really won't forget it!


*PR Sample


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  1. If this is as good as HealGel Face and Eye then I would be chuffed x


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