Thursday, 17 April 2014

Love Me Beauty April 2014


I shall start off by saying that I had a few problems ordering my Love Me Beauty box this month. My first box was last month and I joined fairly late, around the 25th I think. This month I was emailed to say the Boutique was open however when I selected my option I couldn't order it! The system works in that you can't have another box until a month after subscribing, meaning I would have to wait til the end of the month! Since the boxes are on a first come first served basis, I didn't want to wait! I ended up cancelling my subscription and then rejoining just to get my box. A lot of hassle and I'm not particularly impressed at the admin.

When I finally did get to order my box, I have to say none of the choices blew me away this month. In the end I opted for edition 3. The first thing you will notice about this box is that it only contains 4 products. There is a voucher, which I suppose is the 5th item but this is completely useless to me. Love Me Beauty have my address so they should have been able to work out that the Hello Fresh service is not available to me, making this voucher useless.

Redken Colour Extend Conditioner - 25ml sample

I don't colour my hair so this isn't really something that I need. All of the boxes featured one of these though so there was no choice for natural hair. I will most likely use this anyway as it is a handy size for my swimming bag. Full size of this is 250ml for £9.99 making this sample worth around £1 .... not very impressive.

Models a Own Nail Polish in Fuzzy Peace - full size worth £5

I wear gel nails and therefore I don't usually buy nail varnishes. This is a lovely colour so I might use it on my toe nails over the summer. It's also a full sized item which is good to see.

Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil Roller Ball - full size worth £6.25

This product is one I am very happy to see and a saving grace for this box! This skin oil is suitable for all skin types and can be used on face or body. The oil is said to be good for stretch marks, scarring, dry skin or sunburn. The product is in a handy roller balls making it mess free to apply. It also smells amazing - with a fresh citrus scent. Really happy to have this one in the box.

Neal & Wolf Daily Cleasning Shampoo - full size worth £11.50

One of the great things about Love Me Beauty is that they allow you to opt out of a box if you don't like the look of any of the options. I was tempted to do that this month until I saw this item. I have never tried anything from Neal & Wolf and would never spend £11.50 on a shampoo so it's great to have one in the box. The price of this product covers what I paid for the box and really makes it worth it. This smells absolutely amazing, a luxurious spa scent. I am really looking forward to trying it.


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