Tuesday, 15 April 2014

5 Things From Superdrug

As I have mentioned before, I cannot do collective hauls! I end up forgetting what I bought and then don't get round to posting! For that reason I am going to post things as I buy them, unless it's only one of two things alone. Today I popped into Superdrug and picked up 5 items.
Superberry Exfoliating Mud Mask and Dead Sea Mud Detoxifying Mask £2.50 each or 2 for £3.50
I have heard good things about the Superdrug own brand masks and have been meaning to pick them up for a while. There are three available, I believe the one I didn't get is Aloe Vera. At £3.50 for 2 these are super cheap and I look forward to trying them!

MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Smoke Screen £2.50
I have this trio in two other shade selections and I just love them. They are handy for travel and lovely shimmery shades. So good for the price.

MUA Lip Liner in Brooding Plum and Red Drama £1 each
These 2 liners complete my MUA lip liner collection. I don't use a lot of lip liner but I like to have them for trying new looks so these are perfect at only £1 each.

What have you been buying recently?


  1. I love the MUA trios x


  2. Oooh I love MUA! So affordable and they've got such great products. I'm currently on the hunt for one of those eyeshadow trios as everyone seems to love them :)

    Tania x

    1. They are great! I totally recommend x


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