Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Current Favourites - Featuring Pure Sponges

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

I picked this up in a recent The Body Shop haul because I wanted to try something from the tea tree range. Recently I have been suffering from breakouts across my chin, rare for me and very unwelcome! I have been applying this product to just my chin area before bed and then using my regular moisturiser on the rest of my face. The lotion definitely has the tea tree scent but it is not as overwhelming as some products can be. There is also no sting on application. What I do find however is that the cream really soothes my spots and draws the redness out of them.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodrant

I wouldn't usually include a deodrant but this requires special mention. Over the past few months I have been trying several spray products and finding that they fail me. They either need topped up during the day or leave stains on my clothes. I decided to give up and try a roll on and I'm so glad I did. This does wonders for me. It lasts all day and, if left to dry properly, doesn't leave a mark on my clothing. I also love that I can see how much is left and I'd say this is lasting much longer than a spray.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

I gave in and finally ordered this online after all the rave reviews. It's a perfect eyemakeup base. It's provides a blank canvas to apply colours on top of, really makes the colours pop and helps shadows last longer. Great product!


Pictured above, from left to right - fair trade facial, fine silk unbleached, fine silk bleached. offer a large range of natural sea sponges. The website is really unique in that the sponge you choose is the actual one you will recieve. Each is a different shape and size and they are listed individually with prices starting at around £2.99.

Of the 3 I have been trying, my absolute favourite is the fine silk bleached. When I recieved this sponge it was small and very hard. Obviously I was expecting it to soften up when it absorbed water but I wasn't expecting how amazing the result was! The sponge doubles in size and becomes extremely light, soft and fluffy feeling! My favourite way to use the sponge is when cleansing my face. Firstly I rub my cleanser into my skin with my finger tips then use the sponge to work up a lather. I rinse the sponge and rub it over my face in circular motions to remove the product. I have no way of describing this other than to say that it feels as though I am removing my makeup with a piece of cloud! It is literally that soft and light!

The sponge is really easy to wash as the large holes mean it doesn't retain much product. These sponges can be used in many ways including to apply makeup. I have used mine to apply foundation but found it was a bit tricky and the sponge drank the product so I prefer to use this for cleansing. A real winner and a product I would definitely repurchase when this one has to made it's way to my compost heap!


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  1. I've heard great things about those sponges! I really need to try them out, thanks for sharing these!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. I just love mine! And I used to use face cloths which obviously need machine washed everyday - thats 14 a week that I'm not having to wash anymore!


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