Sunday, 13 April 2014

Male Grooming on The Powdered Nose

With Mother's Day not long passed, I have already started thinking about Father's Day. I always find present buying difficult for my dad and boyfriend, himself a father, and decided a little gift guide feature might be a plan. As this gift guide idea developed, I noticed a gap in beauty blogs for men's products. How many men buy beauty products and how many have them bought for them? With that in mind, I have started a regular feature on products for men, aimed at women buying but tried and tested on my boyfriend Lewis -

First a little background on Lewis' current beauty routine - barely anything! I would guess that Lewis in not dissimilar to many men in that he thinks it's all for girls! He rocks designer stubble, bordering on a beard and therefore doesn't even use shaving products. In the shower he uses showergel, always men's and usually something on offer like lynx or dove for men. He washes his hair with Alberto Balsam shampoo but doesn't use conditioner. Deodorant is also something influenced by offers for Lewis and he will buy a body spray like Lynx or a cheaper eviquelent. Usually he only wears aftershave at weekends or when we are heading out and that was usually bought as a gift by me. The only product he does like to buy is hair styling waxes. I wouldn't say he has a favourite though and usually just picks up whatever Home Bargains has to offer! Lewis' motto for beauty products has always been - if it's more than 99p, it's too expensive!

I'm not sure why I try to encourage Lewis to become a little more groomed! Partly I think I want to make myself feel better about the ridiculous amount of products I buy and use by getting him into buying skincare too! Secondly I think that, at 29, it's time to look after himself a little more. I'm slightly obsessed with my skincare routine and joke to Lewis that at 60, I will be looking 25 and he will be looking 85!

Occasionally I have bought Lewis a hand cream or a moisturiser and it has usually gone unused. That's when I realised that buying the products wasn't going to be enough, I was going to have to be more clever than that! The series of posts I will be uploading will be tips for your boyfriend, product reviews by Lewis and any problems or interesting points I discover on the way!

First post coming soon!


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