Friday, 11 April 2014

Lush Rose Bubble Bar - Review


Rose Bubble Bar £2.95

I absolutely adore Lush products and often find myself in there, browsing and smelling all of the lovely products available. I am a huge fan of taking luxurious baths and the best bath treats are those from Lush.

Usually I like a bath bomb but on occasion I have chosen a bubble bar instead, like the one above. I believe this particular bar is from the Mother's Day range so I am not sure if it is part of the permanent collection or not.

At £2.95 this is definitely one of the cheaper bubble bars but is also one of the smallest. One of the good things about the bars over the bombs is that you don't need to use all of it as they are easily broken up. However, this bar woild be hard pushed to give you more than one bath due to it's size. Personally I used the whole bar for my bath.

I crumbled the bar under the flow of water into my bath and then used my hand to mix it up a little more. The smell of this is absolutely amazing! It is Rose scented and makes your whole bathroom smell of Turkish delight - my favourite! I wouldn't say this makes a great amount of bubbles though, a bottle of bubble bath definitely does a better job.

The bar is lovely to look at, super cute and a bit sparkly! Your bath water is left a lovely pink but the bath isn't stained at all.

I think I would maybe buy this again just for the smell alone but overall I do prefer the bath bombs.



  1. I love lush bubble bars, sooo lovely!

    1. This one smells so nice too x


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