Sunday, 20 April 2014

Male Grooming - Lush Ocean Salt Scrub - Review

This is my first post reviewing a men's beauty product with the help of my boyfriend Lewis. The product in question is Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub* which retails at £7.25 for the pictured 120g pot.

As I said in my introductory post, Lewis isn't really in to his beauty products! He fully believes that it is 'all for girls' and that his skin looks after itself. His shower routine consists of shampoo and showergel and, although in the past I have suggested a scrub, he says he can't be bothered and doesn't have time.

Lewis has somewhat a phobia of Lush! He refuses to go in the shop saying that it 'gives him a headache' and has never been interested in anything I have bought in the past. When I gave him this scrub he instantly turned his nose up at it. You see, although this product is in a black tub, is blue in colour and doesn't have a floral or perfumed scent; it doesn't actually have the words 'For Men' displayed on it anywhere! I tried to explain to Lewis that it was likely a unisex product, suitable for anyone who wanted to exfoliate and finally, with a bit of persuasion, he agreed to try it if I left it 'in an obvious place' in the shower.

After a few days, and no word on the scrub, I had a sneaky check of the tub for signs of usage. Sure enough, a fair amount had been used and manly fingerprints had been left in the product. I casually asked Lewis what he thought and I got a grunt of a response. I dropped in that perhaps I would try it too for the purpose of review. He immediately protested saying that it was his scrub, for men and that he needed to use the whole tub to give an honest review! He then went on to add that he had weighed it and would know if I had used any! Not sounding much like a man who thought it was 'all for girls'!

A few weeks and half of the scrub have now gone by and I have been able to get more of a response from my guinea pig. Firstly the scrub smells nice; not overly scented just pleasant and fresh smelling. One thing I found confusing is that the packaging says this is for face and body but on the website it is described as a facial cleanser. Lewis uses this on his face and his arms, which can be quite dry and are prone to little pimples.

He uses the scrub every other day, which is most likely too much and I would suggest that twice a week would suffice. On the first few uses he found this too abrasive for his face but he persisted and got used to it. I would agree with him, having sneaked a tiny swatch on the back of my hand, as the salt pieces are really chunky. I certainly wouldn't want to rub this too hard into my skin however soothing ingredients like avocado also soften and sooth the skin. For his arms though, this is perfect and really evens out his skin, leaving it smooth. He had been using this regularly for 2 to 3 weeks and hasn't felt much change in his skin other than that he feels super clean after using it and enjoys using the product.

Beauty products do not feature highly in Lewis budget and, at £7.25, he would never buy this himself however he has already hinted that it would make a good gift for him. Sometimes when I'm shopping I will pick up a wee something for him too and this would be something I would purchase in the future. I like the idea that we could both use this, if he would ever let me, as it's a great product for both men and women.

As with other Lush products, this pot can be recycled along with 4 others in exchange for a face mask. Lewis is a keen recycler and likes this idea but did point out that 'face masks are not for men' so perhaps this scheme isn't very inclusive. Something to think about Lush?

As a closing thought I asked him for a mark out of ten. He said 9.5 out of 13 ..... so you can see what I'm working with! However this product was definitely a hit and this won't be the last I will hear of it!

*PR Sample



  1. i actually really like this scrub and am thankful my mister will try anything I shove i front of him, even if it is from Lush x

    1. Lol nah Lewis needs a little more persuasion xx


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