Tuesday, 23 July 2013

nspa - Beauty Balm, Body Fragrance and Body Butter - Reviews

nspa is a new range of facial products, skincare and haircare from the UK's number 1 day spa, Nirvana Spa. The range is exclusive to Asda and offers affordable spa products. Recently I was lucky enough to try 3 products from their extensive range.

The products all come in boxes and are numbered. The steps relate to skincare regimes and it is possible to buy a product for each step.

The first product that I received is the Beauty Balm. The packaging claims that this product minimises the appearance of fine lines and blemishes with a light, natural colour for beautiful dewy skin. The product also offers SPF 15 protection and contains vitamin C. Since BB creams came on the scene I haven't been very tempted to try one. As awful as it may be, I like a full face of foundation. - even on a sunny day! That being said, I did give this a go and was fairly happy with the results.

The cream is a lovely colour and blends very well, leaving the right tone for my skin. I perhaps used a little much as I found it took a while to rub in. As it promised, this product did cover my blemishes and I felt it was hydrating however I felt slightly naked and had returned to a full face of foundation by the afternoon. This is a lovely product but not something I will use so I am handing it on to someone who will. This product retails at £6.

The next product I received is this Jojoba and White Vanilla Body Butter. I really like the packaging of this, it's simple and classy.

Inside the tub, the cream is very thick. It smoothes onto the skin beautifully and you don't need much to get lovely soft skin. The smell is a little overwhelming but I used this on my legs so I didn't notice it after application. I like this body butter and think its a bargain at £3.95 because it will last me a long time.

The last product that I received is the Jasmine and White Musk Body Fragrance. This isn't something that I would usually choose for myself and it is rather a mature smell. Instead I think I might use this as a linen spray or to spray in my living room. The bottle is lovely and a really decent size for £3.95.

nspa products are available in Asda and more information can be found at nspa.co.uk

*Item received as a PR sample. All opinions are my own and items were reviewed honestly. 


  1. The body butter sounds lovely, will definitely be picking some up with my weekly shop. Not sure why I've never used anything from nspa before :o

    Kayleigh x

    1. The packaging isn't particularly eye catching but the products are lovely and so affordable


  2. I'm so into body butters at the moment, this one sounds lovely and so does the musk! As a tiny baby my mum would put a tiny drop of white musk from the boy shop on the top of head so its a smell that reminds me of being young lol! new follower here :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. Aw what a lovely story :)
      Thanks for the follow, try these out, they are really great prices xx

  3. I haven't tried any of these products but I've tried a few from their skincare range and was really impressed with how good the quality was for the price. xx


    1. Yeah agreed. You get a lot for your money too x

  4. gr8 post

  5. The spray is my fave item from this post!
    It woukd be good if they had a strawberry one :)

    Check out my blog www.gypsy-glitter.blogspot.com

    bree foxx


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