Monday, 22 July 2013

The Bristle Brush Company - Review of a new favourite!

I hold my hands up and admit that I haven't always been the best at looking after my hair. I'm full of good intentions and promises not to brush my hair when it's wet, but then I run out of time and break all my oaths. Sick of trying different conditioners and various hair maks I decided the root of the problem might be the tools I use on my hair. And so I came to find out about The Bristle Brush Company and their natural brushes. Natural brushes protect the hair, enhance condition and create maximum shine and bounce. 

The Bristle Brush range is produced by a family owned and run artisan business based in a coastal village near Barcelona. Three generations of the family have been lovingly crafting these wooden brushes for more than 50 years.  It’s a unique design which incorporates a mahogany barrel to absorb heat; a light-weight cork handle and reinforced boar hair, with the boar bulb intact, that spreads the sebum along each hair shaft for ultimate shine and manageability.  It’s easy to use, of an exceptional quality and looks gorgeous.  And – unlike most ceramic brushes – it won’t damage the hair by overheating.

The brush I have is the large round brush. The brushes are also available in a blonde version.

The Bristle Brush Company range includes:

The Boar Paddle Brush RRP £28
The Medium Round Brush RRP £22
The Large Round Brush RRP £26
The Extra Large Round Brush RRP £27

All natural Bristle Brushes come in a natural Juteco handmade bag created by women in India who are being freed from a life of exploitation by the charity Freeset. The bag is gorgeous, has a tag explaining the charity and is really hard wearing for carrying your brush about. 

Everything about this brush is high quality and lovely to look at. The cork handle makes it comfortable to hold, the wooden barrel is gorgeous and there are loads of bristles. 

I have been using this brush for 2 weeks now and love the result. I will say that this takes a little longer to brush my hair with than a plastic bristled brush but I end up with smooth and shiny looking hair. As if that wasn't enough, I put this brush to the ultimate test and tried it on a certain 6 year old's very tuggy hair! She loved it! She said it felt 'more tickley than tuggy and now asks for the 'special brush'. You can see that this brush isn't breaking your hair as it smoothed out the tangles.

Although this brush does seem on the pricey side it is absolutely worth the money. I am completely converted to this natural brush and my hair is already thanking me for it! 

For stockists call: 01932 706881or buy direct on-line at

*Item received as a PR sample. All opinions expressed are my own and item was reviewed honestly. 


  1. This looks great! I'm a tangle teezer devotee but I would happily use this :) x


    1. It's lovely that it's natural and the bristles have a lot of give so it doesn't force your hair x


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