Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Male Grooming - Lush Dirty Styling Cream - Review

Dirty Styling Cream £6.99*

A few months ago my boyfriend reviewed a few lush products for my male grooming posts. Among the products he was kindly sent was this styling cream. At the time he didn't review this one because he hadn't got around to properly using it and wasn't able to go into detail. Since those posts he has been using this daily and is so taken with it that I have decided to do a quick review!

This is unlike other hair products that Lewis uses and hence took a little getting used to. As described this is a cream making it a lot thinner than the waxes that he usually uses. At first this was an issue because he didn't really know how to use this to get the best result however it soon became what he liked about it so much.

This product is fragranced with the Dirty perfume and Lewis really likes the smell of it.

He says that it being a cream means that it isn't at all sticky when applied. As the product dries it becomes easy to style your hair and then sets to a strong hold but without being sticky.

As I have mentioned before, Lewis reckons that any product over £1 is overpriced. This hair cream is £6.99 which I explained to Lewis is totally justifiable due to the natural and fair trade ingredients. He agreed that the price is reasonable and he would repurchase because a little goes a long way and the 100g tub is lasting him a long time. He also likes the pot return because he is a big fan of recycling!

*PR sample



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    1. Yeah totally. They have some lovely products for men x

  2. It seem pretty good and have great reviews! This must be a nice product for men...x


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