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Degustabox UK - July 2014

Something a little different from me today and one I am excited to share with you! I love subscription boxes and was recently delighted to try a new one to me; Degustabox*. Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service. You recieve 9 or more food and drink items and these are often things which are new to the market. I have never tried a service like this before and waited patiently for my box. Delivery was hassle free and I recieved a text from the courier service with the choice of 3 delivery days or to have my box left with a neighbour.

When the box arrived I couldn't believe how big and heavy it was and I was desperate to get inside!

Inside the box, the items were sealed inside brown paper. The bottom of the box was lined with large bubble wrap to keep my items safe in transit. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

Now on to the items that I recieved. I have tried some of these already so will review where I can!

Portlebay Popcorn - Kracklecorn, Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup, Chilli & Lime 79p each*
I have never heard of Portlebay but they are a small company from Devon. The packaging is lovely and the bags are a great size for one generous portion. I am a vegetarian and so have gifted the middle packet to my boyfriend due to it containing bacon. The Kracklecorn was my favourite of the bunch and I would definitely repurchase. This is a mixed sweet and salty popcorn with a lovely crunchy consistency. The Chilli & Lime popcorn is quite hot and has a lovely nip from the lime too - really different to any popcorns I have tried before. These are available in Tesco among other stores and I will definitely be looking out for them!
Dr Oetker Eton Mess £1.99* and Violet Crystals £1.29*
I have used products by the brand before and always think of them as a high quality brand. I haven't used these yet but they will be lovely to decorate cakes or even to add an extra little touch to desserts. Definitely a nice item to have in my cupboards and one I wouldn't have picked up on my own.
The Berry Company Red Tea £1.49*
This is a cold tea drink, great for on the go due to it's handy packaging. Green, white and black tea were also available and were included in other boxes. I haven't tried this yet and I am not sure how much it appeals to me! These are available in Holland & Barrett among other stores.
6 Assorted Maggi Sachets - £5.44 in total*
As I mentioned above, I am a vegetarian. These sachets are all entirely aimed at cooking meat dishes and so not much use to me. The So Juicy packets are for cook in the bag chicken. My boyfriend might use these however if not I will pass them on to someone else. The Piri Piri Chicken, Beef & Ale casserole and Chicken & Leek potatoe bake might work with meat substitutes so I will have a play around with them and give them a go.
Hornsby's Blueberry Cider £1.25 each*
One thing I love about this box is they often include alcoholic drinks. This time we recieved 2 bottles of this cider. I have yet to drink mine as I am saving it for the weekend but I gave the other to my boyfriend who enjoyed it one evening. He said it has quite a liquorice taste which he enjoyed. The card suggests squeezing some lemon into the neck which I think sounds lovely so I will drink mine like that. I love fruit ciders and would be likely to pick these up again at that price, especially with my boufriend liking it.
Zeo Drinks £1.29 each or £4.29 for a 4 pack*
We have actually tried these before after seeing them in the Co-op on offer at £1 each. These are lovely fruit flavoured carbonated drinks which come in glass bottles. I think they are a fizzy drink more marketed at adults and the flavours are quite natural tasting unlike other fizzy drinks on the market. I would buy these again but would wait until I saw them on offer.
Green & Black's Lemon Bar £2.29
I love love love Green & Black's chocolate! There is something so luxurious about it and I was delighted to have this in my box. This tastes lovely with the clear but not overpowering taste of lemon throughout. I would definitely purchase this again because, although at the pricey end for chocolate, these products are so high quality and delicious that they are worth it!
Frank Blueberry and Chocolate Snack Bar 85p*
This is a vegan snack bar and made from 100% natural ingredients. I shared this with my 7 year old step daughter and we both enjoyed it although it's unlike anything we usually eat! The chocolate is a very very thin layer and the taste doesn't really come through. The blueberry taste is lovely though and I would consider trying the over flavours available if I saw them in the shops.
Each box comes with a card full of the product information which also has some handy recipes on the reverse. This box also came with a half price coupon for a 4 pack of the Zeo drinks at either Tesco or the Co-op.
One of my cats, Silky, now lives in the box!
Overall I am really happy with the contents of this box and think it is good value for money. This would definitely suit families or couples as there is a variety of products sent out which will appeal to different people. At the moment Degustabox only have one box and don't alter boxes to meet individual needs. I think this may be something they are considering for the future and if they had a vegetarian box I would definitely sign up.
Degustabox is £12.99 a month but you can get £3 off your first box with the code: XWW8N
For more information, check out the link below! - Facebook - twitter

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  1. Looks lovely, I practically live off of Maggi products so it would be lovely to try more and the popcorn looks really interesting x

    1. The popcorn was delish and so was the cider! Great box to try new things!

  2. that box looks amaze! such a good deal as well xx

    1. I was like a wee kid opening it hahaha!

  3. This looks fab! I'm such a foodie, love stuff like this. I think I'd prefer more products with natural ingredients though :) x

    1. Yeah yeah a natural food box would be great. Maybe it's something degusta will adopt when they are more established xx


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