Saturday, 16 August 2014

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder - Review

Seventeen is a brand that I have tried very little of. Over the last year I have bought a few pieces from the brand but I never end up using them much and they are pushed aside in favour of old favourites. Recently I was drawn to the brand by the rebranding of the display in Boots. I was then encouraged to purchase something by the triple points voucher than I had specifically for the Seventeen range!
I have never been overly fussy when it comes to pressed powders and have several which I am happy to purchase. Currently I am using the Revlon Nearly Naked Powder which I like and is doing me fine but doesn't have a lot of use left in it. I picked up this powdered because I was drawn to the packaging which is sturdy and very handbag friendly.
The above pictures show the product unused, directly after opening it. As you can see, the pad is a little dirty and the surface of the cake itself is uneven. I like that the compact has a decent sized mirror as I use this during application. I have already discarded the pad applicator as I prefer to use a brush but this would be handy for those who like this method of applying powder.
The powder is available in several shades of which I chose Silky Beige. I believe this colour was around the middle of the shades and I am pale but this sits well with my skintone. I would say the colour is very subtle and the powder applies much like a translucent one.
I am not particularly oily but I like to use powder daily to even out and set my foundation and to add a little extra coverage. This powder applies well with a brush. It isn't visible at all on the skin and doesn't cling to any areas of my face. On the first day that I tested this it was a very hot day and I was sweating around my hairline and my forehead was slightly moist. The powder didn't budge however and my makeup looked flawless. If you are oily then you may want to take this with you or top up but once a day is really enough for me.
I believe this was around £3.99 which is an excellent price. I am totally satisfied with this product and would definitely repurchase. It has also encouraged me to investigate Seventeen more and try out some more of their products.
What is your favourite Seventeen product? Comment below :)



  1. I have also not ventured too much into Seventeen &, like you, the re-branding did catch my eye. I picked up one of the mirror shine on the recommendation of Avia from The Sparklicious. I have been intrigued by other items but never bought anything. I may just have to now! Thanks for the review! Xx

  2. I’m not much of a Seventeen cosmetics fan, but I may just purchase this, it has a lovely mirror which is always a plus for a powder!
    Thank you for the review!♥ xo

    >Beauty & Fashion Blogger<

  3. Do you know which is the palest shade?


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