Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pulpe De Vie Shake Me Baby - Review

I love Micellar solutions and have been using them daily for some time now. They have completey replaced wipes for me now which I am glad of because wipes were terribly drying for my skin. I am currently using a scrub from Pulpe De Vie which is a lovely product and a joy to use. Hence I jumped at the chance to trial Shake Me Baby*, a Micellar solution by Pulpe De Vie!

Pulpe De Vie's Shake Me Baby is the perfect product for a weekend away this summer because it removes makeup, cleanses, tones and leaves skin moisturised; meaning you need only pack one product! It is 100% natural and contains tomato water and grapefruit water among other impressive ingredients. As you can imagine, these also provide the product with a lovely fruity scent. Shake Me Baby is also alcohol free and doesn't contain essential oils.

As you would expect from Pulpe De Vie, the packaging is super cute. The bottle features the cute character along with fruity pictures. The lid of the bottle pops up to provide a small hole for easy application. I love how compact this bottle is as it makes it even handier for travelling.

As you can see from the pictures, the product itself has a yellow oily layer which settles on the top. This is what makes Shake Me Baby different to other Micellar solutions as this oil helps to remove tough eye makeup. As the name suggests, you simply shake the bottle before dispensing to mix the oil in with the product.

When using the product at home I soak 2 cotton pads and wipe these over my face, including my eyes, to remove all my makeup. I then use my regular cleanser to wash my face and follow with toner. When using away from home, I soak 3 cotton pads with the product. The first 2 ensure that my skin is clear of makeup and the 3rd is to cleanse and tone my skin. This product smells lovely and feels very soft on the skin. It's sensitive to eyes and easily removes my eyemakeup. I always prefer to double cleanse but for travel this product easily does all 3 jobs and is all I need.

This is a lovely product and definitely removes a lot more makeup than a regular cleansing water. If you are going away and need to pack light, or even like to have something in for when you are just too tired for anything else, this is definitely a handy product to have in your bathroom!

Shake Me Baby is £13 for 125ml and available from

*PR Sample



  1. This looks really lovely and I wanted to try this...Nika's Beauty Land

    1. It's a lovely product. Been using it daily x


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