Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Beauty Favourites

I rarely get around to writing favourites posts but the above products have been getting daily use this summer and I decided they are worth mentioning. We have had some rare hot weather up in the Highlands this summer which has caused me to alter my beauty routine and dig out some summer favourites as well as pick up some new products.

Malibu SPF 15 Clear Hair and Scalp Protector
This is my first year of using this product but it will not be my last! I can't believe I haven't had this before; it's such a lifesaver! Every year I suffer with the sun because I am pale and have very Scottish skin which refuses to do anything other than burn. I am careful with suncream and usually manage to stay white rather than red but I always end up with a burnt scalp! Short of wearing a hat everyday, I have never been able to solve this problem and, instead, had a red parting all summer. This product is amazing and has totally fixed my problems! I spray this into my parting when my hair is wet and then blow dry it. This keeps my scalp totally protected from the sun and it hasn't been burnt all summer! It smells nice, doesn't leave my hair greasy and was some brilliant price around the £3 mark!
Estée Lauder Double Wear
I won't go on about this one as you all know what a great product this is! I had stopped using it for a while, simply due to the high price tag, but recently repurchased and haven't looked back since! It's the only thing which will last all day in this weather and that's worth the cash for me!
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream
I reviewed this recently and I was impressed but not sure how much use I would actually get from it. The answer is: lots! I use this product in two ways. Usually I apply a little allover my face as a base for my double wear. This product evens skin tone like nothing else I have tried and means I can use half my usual amount of DW - saving me money! However, on the particularly hot days I have been wearing this alone; a brave move for me as I usually like a full coverage product. This is light on the skin, allowing it to breath, but also has a decent amount of coverage to hide any imperfections! A brilliant product and definitely on the repurchase list.
Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Hot Stuff Heat Defence Spray*
Regular readers of my blog will already be more than aware that I am obsessed with this product. I am now on my 3rd bottle and I just haven't tired of it yet! During these warmer months I actually apply it to my hair before and after blow drying, giving my hair a little protection from the heat of the sun. This smells amazing and keeps my fine hair in great condition without weighing it down or causing greasiness. Get yourselves to Sainsbury's and buy some!
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder
This is my favourite powder at the moment and has been keeping me matte all summer. This is a finely milled powder meaning it isn't obvious on the skin and doesn't become cakey. I also don't need to apply this throughout the day and find that application in the morning is enough. From a packaging point of view, although this is rather bulky I do like that it has it's own mirror and use this when applying it every day.
Urban Decay Naked Basics
Not just a summer favourite, I have actually been using this daily since January and I am a huge fan! For a daily work look I use WOS on the lid, Naked 2 in the crease, Venus in the inner corner and Foxy on the brow bone. For an evening look I use Naked 2 on the lid, Faint in the crease, Crave in the outer corner, Venus in the inner corner and Foxy on the brow bone. Given that I have used this every day for 6 months, the small usuage visible is incredible! These last all day, even without primer, and are lovely to apply and really workable. The palette is much handier to use than the Naked palettes due to it's small size and the mirror is also great for quick and easy application.
What have you been loving this summer?



  1. I really want that Naked basics palette! xx


    1. I totally recommend it, it's brilliant!

  2. Amy you're my lifesaver, I have been looking for a scalp protector! Amazing xxx

    1. Superdrug!!! I'm so glad I could help, this product is amazing!!!!

  3. I am a huge fan of Bourjois CC Cream - it's so lightweight! Great picks.

  4. I love Estee Lauder Double Wear. It is great at making my skin appear matte and flawless.


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