Tuesday, 20 August 2013

LAQA & CO from Sparkling or Still

I love packaging. It's all about attention to detail and gorgeous packaging can really make a product for me. LAQA & CO have taken this to the next level by using artwork by talented young artists on the boxes of their cosmetics.

I almost didn't want to open these and I certainly won't be disposing of the boxes. The artists are given a cut of the profit and you can read more about them on the website. LAQA & CO are an American company and their products are now available in the UK through Sparkling or Still who kindly sent me these samples. 

Fat Lip Pencil in Bossy Boots* £12.50

Bossy Boots is a gorgeous deep red coloured lip pencil. To use this you draw around the natural line of you lips and then fill them in. I didn't find this the easiest to apply as the deep colour means mistakes are shown easily. The texture is lovely and creamy and slides across the lips well. This has a nice minty taste and the packaging means you can roll it up rather than having to sharpen it. I found the colour stayed on my lips for a long time as this almost acts as a stain. These aren't sticky on the lips at all and make a nice alternative to gloss or lipstick. 

Nail Polish in Chubs* £8.50

Chubs is a gorgeous deep gold colour. The intensity of the colour means that, with only one coat, you get a nice, full colour. This applies easily and dries quickly. I love the bottle shape and the brush is lovely and long for ease of application. 

Nail Varnish in Greedy Guts* £8.50 

Don't be deceived by the colour in the bottle, this is actually a lovely pinky red and much easier to wear than I first thought. You need two costs of this to get a deep colour but it layers well and dries into a lovely, shiny finish.

Nail Varnish Pen in Incestuous* £10.50

This product is genius. I have seen nail varnish pens before but they have been fiddly and designed for nail art. This pen has a brush top and is designed for easy application on the go. You give the coloured end a few pumps and the polish starts to dispense through the brush - simple. This colour is pale and needs 3 coats but you are left with a gorgeous pale purple colour. Inside the box there is an instruction leaflet which is written as if it were a talking leaflet. I'm a sucker for cute instructions!

The overall presentation of these products is second to none making them a great gift or a gorgeous treat for yourself!

All of the above and more can be purchased from http://www.sparklingorstill.com/

*PR sample  





  1. These looks amazing, the packing is so gorgeous! I haven't heard of this brand but it all looks good! Definitely products I would use and love to try!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. Check out the website! The stuff is just gorgeous x

  2. The nail varnish pen is such a good idea! And I love the colour of the lip crayon :)


    1. Isn't it just! I love the lip crayon. Tastes lovely and minty too x

  3. Hey, I tagged you for the My First Time tag.

    Check it out here http://revlonbaby09.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/tag-my-first-time.html

  4. Love the look of these products, I received a mini lip pen in my beauty box but the colour is tooooo bright for me :( xxx Jen xxx


    1. Was it the bright pink one? I really want that one! Looks gorgeous x


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