Thursday, 29 August 2013

Code Beautiful - Code VLM - Mascara Review

'We're just two women who went on a mission to find the ultimate mascara and couldn't .... so we decided to make our own!' Kirsti and Sarah, creators of CODE Beautiful.

I am not particularly blessed in the eyelash department. My lashes are a decent length but so straight that it takes a lot to get a dramatic look from them. In the past I have turned to eyelash extensions but they are expensive, time consuming and high maintenance! I have recently found the perfect eyelash curler but still flit between mascaras, looking for something fantastic. Needless to say, I was excited to try this new product from CODE Beautiful. 

CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara* £19.95

Firstly, the packaging of the mascara is gorgeous. It comes in a lovely presentation box that has application instructions. The wand is exactly the kind I love to use. I find the tapered end perfect for reaching the inner corner.

I curled my eyelashes and then applied a coat of this by hold the brush at the base of my lashes then curling out. With one coat my eyelashes looked defined but I added a second coat to give more volume. Even my boyfriend commented on how 'big' my lashes looked.

Throughout the day I found this mascara stayed put and didn't crumble like many tend to. When I went to wash it off I found that I needed 2 pads of remover but I did eventually get my eyelashes clear of product.

This mascara is a real winner and I am really enjoying using it! 

It can be purchased from


  1. Replies
    1. It's great! Il need to take a pic of my lashes, it's really noticeable xx

  2. The wand looks nice - thanks for sharing. If only this was available in the US :(

    1. It's great. Layers really well which is great! X


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