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What's In My Handbag #wiyhb

I realise I am pretty slow on the uptake but this is my first What's In My Handbag post! This is a tag from BritBloggers and is an initiative from MyMoneySuperMarket. The competition is designed to make people think of the value of their handbags and therefore consider insurance. The items in this post show values however some of these have had to be estimated. 

My Bag

My bag is a Paul's Boutique Olivia in snake skin, £60. I like this bag because it is rather understated for a Paul's Boutique and therefore suitable for work. It is also a great size for all the junk I like to carry about!

My Purse, Phone and Keys

These are the things that, although of not great value, they are invaluable and disastrous to lose.
I love my Paul's Boutique purse, £40. The interior is a gorgeous bright pink and has lots of compartments for cards and change. The money in my purse, £10, is never very much but losing your cards is a disaster and can be very costly as lots of company's charge for replacements. My phone is an HTC Desire, £100. Keys are not something that you can really value however car keys are around £100 to replace and it's costs around £150 to get the locks changed if you lose your house keys.

My Nail Essentials

I carry nail glue at all times. Of course I use it if I have a nail emergency but I usually find it gets used for fixing things instead! I apply solar oil when I'm wearing nail extensions and shellac as this can make them last longer and keeps your nails in good condition. I always have several small nail files in my bags for filing down rough parts and hang nails. In total these items are worth around £6.

For Emergencies

Tissues, paracetamol and plasters - I always have these in my bags! £2.
Makeup etc.
I don't carry much makeup with me because I usually find that my makeup lasts the day and, even if it doesn't, I don't have time to touch it up! If I am going out after work or going on a night out then I would pack more products. I am obsessed with lip products and apply them to my lips throughout the day. I love Vaseline for this as it adds an extra shine to any lip colour that I might have on. The lip glosses in my bag are Barry M and Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory. I also carry a lipstick by Clinque which I occasionally apply with a little Vaseline on top. I always keep a tube on hand cream in my bag and this one is Ted Baker. The battered box in the picture is Maybeline powder foundation. I don't like this much but occasionally I use it if I have a shiny face or a blemish emergency! In total these items are worth around £45.
Work Stuff
I need my diary. Without seeing it on paper I would never know where I'm supposed to be going or what I need to take with me. This is a great sized diary for carrying in my bag. Every bag needs a pen and this one is really cute with 4 lovely colours. I don't keep important documents on this memory stick but I do keep it with me for sharing files at work. £15

My Umbrella, Hairbrush and Mirror
It may be tempting fate but I never leave home without an umbrella! I brush my hair a lot throughout the day so a brush is essential. The mirror has broken off this one so I use a cute compact that I got as a gift from my sister. £15

I never think of my handbag being anything more than a bunch of junk that I carry around. However I have estimated £543 for my bag and its contents. The cost of replacing things like cards would make it even more.

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