Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Miss Glossybox - May 2013

I am new to beauty boxes but already I love them. I love the surprise, the hype and, of course, the products. So imagine my excitement at the launch of a brand new box. Miss Glossybox is a sister box of Glossybox. It describes itself as 'young beauty' and is for younger beauty lovers or those who like a fresh look and high street brands. Well, I'd hardly call myself a young beauty fan but I do love new, exciting and affordable beauty products. Instantly I signed up!

The only thing about the first box is that it wasn't a surprise. In order to gain subscribers; Miss Glossybox published the contents of the first box online. Having said that, there were still varying scents or colours of some of the products. This blog post is going to be a short one as I have yet to try most of the products so I can't review them just yet.

What I got in my Miss Glossybox May 2013
The first thing I noticed is that the new box isn't in fact in a box. Instead it is in a green drawstring bag with the logo printed allover it. I have to say; I think this is a good move. The bag is a great size and will be really handy for toiletries when packing for a holiday. I think it is going to be more useful to more people and is more likely to be used again.

The product information is printed on a glossy postcard rather than the folded paper version in the original box. This looks much better and far more professional. The information is straight to the point, tells you about the product, where you can buy it and how much it costs. I read this fully whereas I skipped through the Glossybox insert.

Now for the products:

Glossybox Lolly pop:
I've seen these before as they have been in a few boxes now. A cute wee extra and a nice touch.

Stripey Nail File and Clippers Set:
Really cute and a great size for handbags. I will definitely use this.

Eye Rock Eye Tattoo:
This isn't actually listed on the card but these retail at £5.99 in boots! This is a real statement eye tattoo and I can't see myself wearing this unless for fancy dress! That being said; I do love something new and different and if I'm going to try it then best to try it for free!

Popband by Molly Mabel: 
I was delighted to see that my Popband came in leopard print; I'm a huge animal print fan. Not sure what to make of this product though. These bands are supposed to leave your hair kink free but I can't get it to stay in my hair long enough to find out. However I have worn it around my wrist and it makes a cute accessorie and can still be used to secure my hair in an emergency!

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask:
I love a facemask so I can't wait to try this. The mask feels thick, which I like, and the ingredients are vegetarian friendly. I look forward to a relaxing bath with this mask!

So...? Va Va Volume Dry Shampoo:
Until I received this box, I was unaware that So...? made dry shampoo. I have dark hair and find dry shampoo hard to brush out so I usually use a brown coloured one. This one goes on very white but it smells nice and is a handy size for throwing in your bag.

2True Glitterati Nail Polish Shade 6:
This nail vanish is a gorgeous colour! The glitter has a rose gold effect and there is loads of it, big chunky pieces of glitter. This polish does need a coloured base coat to really show up but would also make a nice accent nail for French manicure.

BeautyUK Line&Define Eye Pencil:
In my opinion, you can never have too many black eye pencils! This one is a nice soft pencil and goes on well. I also love the packaging which is a matte black.

This box impressed me and, at £9.95 all in, is worth the money this month. The box is every second month which will increase the excitement for me! Hopefully the second box will live up to this one.

What did you think of your first Miss GlossyBox? 

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