Thursday, 19 September 2013

Miss Glossybox - September/October

As you can see from the picture, there seemed to be loads of items in this months Miss Glossybox! I have decided to keep getting these because so far I have made use of all the items I have received. I also bought this box for my teenage niece as a birthday gift and she loved it. The price is reasonable and I also find the bags really useful. Now for the contents:

Katie Perry Killer Queen Sample (50ml for ££29.50)
I love perfume samples and this one is gorgeous. It's definitely a scent I would wear on a night out.

JvG Soft Touch Eyeliner - Full Size worth £6.95
I have never heard of this brand but I'm really impressed with this product. This is waterproof and is actually designed for the upper lash line. It's a lovely creamy texture and goes on beautifully. 

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Gel Sample (80ml for £6.99)
I haven't tried this product but I have had quite a few brake outs recently so I will be happy to try this.

NYC In a NY Color Minute - Time Square - Full Size worth £1.79
I don't often use nail polish because I get gel nails but I might try this on my toes. This also came with a silver nail art bottle but that doesn't seem to be listed on the card.

Beauty UK Posh Pout - Full Size worth £2.99
I like this brand but haven't tried this particular product before. This is described as a tinted lip balm but I would say it is more of a lip colour. It's a bright pink and maybe a bit much for me but has a nice texture and smells nice.

There was also an added extra in the bag which was a compact mirror.

Did you get this box? What did you think of it? 



  1. This looks like a good box!

    Love the lip crayon and the cute bag!

    1. Yeah it is. I love the bags, I use them all the time xx

  2. I've had the Skinetica in a normal Glossybox, I really liked it! :)

    1. They must have had some leftover because not everyone got it in their bags!!! X

  3. This looks like a fab box, the eyeliner and lip balm would be my favourite products :) x

    1. The eyeliner is my favourite - its really good actually!


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