Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer

I have loads of bronzers but I rarely use them. I get a bit scared of the dark colour against my fairly pale complexion and worry that I look slightly dirty when it is applied! I had originally popped into Boots to buy the chocolate block bronzer but saw this primer and decided to give it a go. A fellow blogger had told me this was super and I watched her use it in tutorials and decided it was for me!

This is a primer so it is designed to be applied as a base for foundation. It can also be used in its own. I dabbed a small amount around my face and blended it out with my finger tip. This primer smells amazing! It has a gorgeous, chocolatey fragrance and smells good enough to eat! It's blends easily and left my face with a lovely glow. Personally I wouldn't have worn that look on its own as it was too dark for my skin. I then applied my foundation over the top and was left with a smooth base and a lovely glow.

If you use fake tan like I do then this is definitely a product for you. I have used it under my foundation and mixed it with my foundation to change the shade when I have a tanned face. It works perfectly and means you don't have to purchase another shade of foundation. 

This primer is slightly more expensive than I would normally buy at £9.99 but a little goes a long way and I can see this product lasting me a long time. 

Have you tried this? 


  1. I've been eyeing this up for a while, but combining it with foundation for a fake tan foundation is such a good idea! Definitely going to go and get this :)


    1. i cant recommend it enough for that! It makes the foundation so soft and smooth too :)

  2. I really want this, looks so good xx

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  3. I like how this feels but it is a tad too dark for my pale skin tone xx

    lots of love Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. I think this would be great for mixing with foundation on more tanned days - definitely need to invest in this!

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

    1. Yeah that's exactly what I bought it for. Works a treat x


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