Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beautyuk Baked Blush Collection

I am fairly new to Beautyuk as they are a brand sold in Superdrug and my local store only stocks a limited range. What I have used, I have been impressed with. Their products are very affordable, come in lovely colours and are to a high standard for the price. On a shopping trip in Glasgow this summer I purchased Halo from the baked blush range. I was somewhat obsessed with it and raved about it to my friends and so I was delighted when I was given the chance to try the rest of the range for review.

Beautyuk Baked Blush Collection £3.99 each*

What initially drew me to this product was the gorgeous packaging. When products have the low price tags that these do, you usually expect the packaging to be fit for purpose but basis. Beautyuk have gone much further with this range, putting the blushes in gorgeous card boxes which snap shut with a magnet. Each blush has its own mirror inside the lid and the raised dome of the product is a lovely touch.

Apologies that these are laid out in the wrong order but I was in a rush to take the photo before the grey clouds came out again!

The colours in the order shown above are:

Goddess - a multi-tonal bronzer/highlighter that provides a radiant ambience

Rose Rouge - a warm, deep, strawberry pink

Popsicle Pink - for a highly pigmented burst that packs a pink punch

Halo - for a soft pink perfection that goes from day to night time glam

The gorgeous thing about these blushes is the shimmer and that was rather hard to pick up in a photo. The swatches above are also in a bizarre order! Halo, Rose Rouge, Popsicle Pink, Goddess.

Although Halo describes itself as a blush, the shimmer and lightness of the colour make it a fantastic highlighter. I use this everyday on my cheek bones, chin and Cupid's bow and I am forever getting compliments. It gives a gorgeous shine and really draws attention to desired areas. 

Goddess also has a beautiful shimmer through it and I love to use it when I have a tan. I have also applied a light dusting with a big brush to my chest area for a gorgeous bronzed look.

Both Popsicle Pink and Rose Rouge are lovely cheek blushers for any skin tone. They can be dusted gently for a subtle colour or built up for a more vibrant look.

The fact that these are baked seems to make the powder much more hard wearing. I have been using Halo for 2 months and my usage isn't visible at all.

I cannot recommended these gorgeous blushes enough. They can be purchased from Superdrug or from the website http://www.beautyukcosmetics.com

*PR Sample 




  1. They look gorgeous. I haven't seen them in my local Superdrug but one thing I absolutely swear by is their brow kit. I ADORE it. My husband got it for me by mistake (he couldn't remember that I wanted the Accessorize one so bought me the BeautyUK one instead) and after being initially a bit miffed, I am so glad he did as it is much much better. Best mistake he has ever made!

    Fi xoxox

    1. I haven't tried the brow kit. I use the accessorize one. Il def have to try get my hands on it!! X

  2. I haven't even heard of Beautyuk before, does that make me a terrible blogger?! These look really interesting though and so reasonably priced, will definitely have to have a look for their stand next time I'm in Superdrug :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  3. It makes you a terrible bargain hunter!!!!


  4. I literally just bought two of these the other day! Haven't tried them yet but they look amazing! Awesome post! :D


    1. Aw which two did you buy? They are lovely x


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