Saturday, 14 September 2013

Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil - Review

Oils are everywhere just now. Everywhere you look, argan oil is on the shelves and I am forever reading about the benefit of oils for our skin and hair. One product I hadn't heard of though was Avocado Oil. I was instantly drawn to it by how natural it sounds.

Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil* £14.99

As usual I will start with packaging. Natural products have a reputation of being very simple in the packaging stakes. I'm not sure why but the fact that this is 100% avocado oil made me think it would look like something on the shelves in a health food shop. The box isn't much to look at but, when opened, I was pleasantly surprised.

The bottle is gorgeous. It is plastic but has two layers meaning its like a silver tube inside a clear bottle. It feels really sturdy and is much nicer than any oil packaging I have seen before. I am also pleased to see this oil with a pump. Oils I have had previously have pouring of droplet tops and I don't find these as easy or mess free to use. 

On first impressions I was unsure what to make of this oil. It is a dark green colour and has a grassy smell. Although not unpleasant, I am not used to putting such natural smelling products on my face. Any uncertainties I had about this product were soon gone when I woke up and felt my beautifully smooth skin!

I used two pumps of the oil, one for my face and one for my neck, and rubbed this into my skin in upward strokes. I also used this in my elbows and knees and other areas of dryness. I slept in the oil but it absorbed well on my skin and I could have easily applied makeup on top. After one use of this product my skin was noticeably soft and smooth however after a few days I found my skin felt really even and my makeup was applying beautifully. 

I am not a fan of hair oils due to my really fine hair bit I did use this one because, unlike others, you apply to dry hair then wash it off. I found that the ends of my hair felt much more hydrated after using this and my split ends were less viable.

I am really glad I gave this product a chance because, after my early uncertainty, I love this product and am happy to have it in my skincare routine.

This gorgeous oil can be purchased for the website

Have you tried an avocado oil before?

*PR sample 



  1. Ooh this sounds nice! Such a shame I'm on a cosmetic ban right now!! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. Aw well when you are off it, this is a great price :) x

  2. Replies
    1. It really is. I really recommend it x


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