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Willow Organic Beauty - Review

The more I blog and research skincare products, the more I realise there is no need to be smothering our skin in unnatural and possibly harmful chemicals. Willow Organic Beauty do not test on animals, do not use parabens, SLS or mineral oils in their products. They also boast a Soil Association certification to guarantee that they use the highest quality organic ingredients in their products.

I have been trying three products from the range; a cleansing balm, toner and lip balm. The first thing I will comment on is the gorgeous packaging. Each product is in a sturdy, glossy box with product information printed on the front and back. Inside there is a slimline information sheet which fits neatly inside the box, even of the lipbalm. The boxes are really luxurious feeling and each has a black bow on the top. Inside the boxes the bottles are square, solid plastic with pumps for the toner and cleaner. The lids are a lovely silver which adds to the high end feel.

Gentle Cleansing Balm £38*

A gentle and nourishing cleansing balm with our super oil, Barbary Fig combined with the cooling and healing properties of Comfrey and anti-inflammatory Marigold that deeply cleanse and purify the skin and remove all traces of makeup.

This cleanser is a balm and has a fairly creamy consistency. I use 3 pumps to cover my whole face. I pump this onto my finger tips and apply to my dry skin, especially rubbing over my eyelids to remove makeup. It is incredibly gentle and doesn't sting my eyes at all. Using a cloth soaked in warm water I pat the cleanser off my skin. This removes makeup well, even from my eyes. The cleanser has a fairly subtle smell which reminds me of a glass of gin and tonic with a slice of lemon in it! It is a citrus smell but not overpowering and very fresh smelling. My face feels squeaky clean after using this product.

Brightening and Balancing Toner £22*

This revolutionary concentrated, gel formula, gentle toner to help hydrate and restore the skin’s natural balance.

Our super oil, Barbary Fig, combined with the healing properties of Marigold oil and balancing properties of Orange Blossom extract, leaves the skin feeling bright and refreshed. This wonderful toner helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and draw out excess oil from the skin.

With this product I was firstly a bit confused as the box doesn't contain any specific application instructions. After looking online I discovered that the product is meant to be applied on damp cotton wool. I find that I need quite a lot of this product, maybe 5 pumps, to get the required amount onto my cotton wool. This product has a very fresh smell, almost slightly medicinal but in a good way; a very clean smell. After applying this to my skin I feel my face tightens slightly. I then use a moisturiser or serum to relieve this feeling. It makes me feel like the product is really doing its job.

 Luxury Conditioning Lip Balm £24*

A highly concentrated botanical balm with a hint of Orange, soothing Comfrey and our super oil, Barbary Fig, which is packed full of vitamin E and antioxidants which help to plump and protect skin cells from free radicals and environmental damage.

Leaves your lips protected, plumped and feeling smooth and conditioned.

All the products in the range have high levels of organic ingredients but this one contains an impressive 99.80% organic ingredients! The lip balm has a lovely texture, very waxy and glossy on the lips. Given the price of this balm I originally started applying it before bed, thinking I would let it soak into my lips overnight and therefore not use too much as it is a fairly expensive product. I soon realised however that this balm is wasted overnight. On the lips is gives a girgeous glossy shine and makes your lips looks really full whilst keeping them moisturised and hydrated. It is definitely a balm to show off.

Have you tried anything from Willow Organic Beauty?

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  1. Great review, I have been thinking of trying out some of their products so this has been very helpful :)

    1. If you were looking to try one thing first then I recommend the cleanser, it's a great product x.

  2. Lovely review, the packaging is so pretty x

    Beautyqueenuk xx


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