Friday, 11 October 2013

Iconic Body Art - Review

Iconic Body Art Female Kit £10**

At a recent blogging event, I received this product as a gift after having it tested out on my wrist. Iconic Body Art is a new way of having a temporary tattoo. It is incredibly real looking and lasts at least 24 hours with no smudging or rubbing of the colour.

This kit includes: 

50ml of the spray in black

6 alcohol wipes

3 stencils

The kit is extremely easy to use. Firstly you clean the area that you want your tattoo to be on. Secondly you open out the stencil and peel off the backing paper. The back of the stencil is sticky and sticks onto your skin, keeping it in place. The sides of the stencils act as guards to keep the spray away from the rest of your skin.

Next you hold the can a slight way away from the stencil and spray until the area is covered. Only a little product is needed for this to be achieved. The spray dries very quickly but I also give it a blow to speed up the process.

After 20 seconds or so the product is dry and the stencil is ready to be gently removed. After removal of the stencil I pad it down with a cloth to get any excess product off before reapplying the backing paper and folding the stencil back up.

These temporary tattoos are unlike others in that they are extremely realistic. I have several pure black tattoos and you honestly can't see the difference. I kept my tattoo on for the whole day and night and it didn't budge. In the shower you can either scrub this off or you can leave it on by patting it dry after the shower! This is a great fun product, really easy to use and with excellent results.

For more information follow on Twitter @IconicBodyArt

**Item received at an event 



  1. I nominated you for The Liebster Award!! Would love you to answer the questions on my blog, more details there! xxx

  2. I thought this kit was super cool, I just wish they had a bit more designs available

    Kirsty x Rockit Style

    1. They sell additional packs of stencils on the website xx

  3. Amazing.. I also do body art..and I love to find new things regarding to the body art. Thanks I will try this out. Face Painting Melbourne

    1. Hi Nicole! Target Australia stock the range so you should be able to get Iconic Body Art in your local store! x


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