Thursday, 17 October 2013

Vita Bella Spa Treatment in a Box - Review

VitaBella Spa Treatment in a Box £20*

VitaBella Hydrating Mask and Face Cream Treatment. Shown to increase skin hydration by up to 20%. 

My first thought on recieving this was what a lovely idea! This little box contains everything you need to give yourself a spa treatment at home. The product claims to hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. VitaBella products are made in Italy and include a combination of natural ingredients to enrich your skin with moisture. 

The little box has a luxurious feel and, to enhance the spa treatment feel I ran myself a bath, poured myself a glass of wine and lit some candles before use!

The box contains a small bottle of hydration complex, the mask tablet and a pot of face cream. The first step is to pour all of the hydration complex over the tablet in the little tub.

The tablet quickly absorbs all of the liquid and begins to puff up.

The tablet can then be unraveled to reveal the mask. Next you simply smooth the mask over the face and relax for 10 minutes. 

The mask has a lovely smell. It really reminds me of an expensive spa smell or the scent of products in high end shops. After 10 minutes I didn't feel quite ready to remove the mask as it wasn't dry like a normal mask but I decided to stick with the instructions and take it off. I used my fingers to rub the residue into my face.

My skin aw left feeling very soft and hydrated and the next morning my face had a lovely glow. The cream that also comes in the box has the same lovely smell. A little goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth. The instructions suggest applying it twice daily to keep the hydration of the mask and help it last longer. This cream is especially nice as a base for makeup and I continue to smell the lovely scent all day.

At £20 this is fairly steep for a one use product but the results are definite and the cream will last much longer, keeping the hydration going. This is a really lovely and luxurious treat. It would be perfect for a girls night in and would make an excellent present!

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  1. I absolutely loved this mask, shame it is beyond my price range.
    Karen x

    1. Yeah it's definitely one for a special treat!! X


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