Sunday, 20 July 2014

Male Grooming - The Bluebeards Revenge

As I have explained in my previous male grooming posts, my boyfriend isn't exactly what you would call groomed! Before helping me on the blog he owned one hair wax and a shower gel and that was pretty much his beauty routine taken care of! There are some men who embrace male beauty products and there are others who say it's just all for girls! Looking at the funky packaging of The Bluebeards Revenge I would say this range is aimed at the lads who aren't going to be reaching for a facemask anytime soon, let alone a manscara!

I love the packaging of these products, it's funky but without being childlike and would definitely appeal to young adults. The boxes are dark blue with a silver skull and cross bones; giving a pirate feel like the name suggests. The inside of the box is printed to look like a newspaper which is also a nice touch. The bottles themselves are metal with pumps. I love metal bottles and these would look good in a bathroom but definitely wouldn't be confused with ladies products!

Now onto the products themselves. Lewis doesn't shave very often but when he was going to, he took out the Shaving Solution £9.99* and gave it a go. In the past few male grooming features Lewis has tried shaving oils, creams and foams and this is none of those; it's a shaving solution. This was a bit of a problem for Lewis as he didn't really know what to do with it or what to expect. He applied the product to his face but felt like he had to use a lot of it, which was a mission with a pump applicator, in order to get good coverage for a close shave. When he finally felt he had sufficiently covered his face, he got a good shave but wasn't blown away by the product.

Then he moved on to the moisturiser with which he had a totally different reaction! The Cooling Moisturiser £9.99* advises careful application as a little goes a long way. Lewis was hooked on this instantly and insisted I try some. This has a nice scent but it's definitely a manly smell! As soon as you apply this to your face is seems to melt into the skin and leave a tingling feeling. It's a lovely sensation which I can imagine would be just what skin needs after shaving. Lewis doesn't use this daily, mainly because he is saving it, but uses it after shaving or when his skin needs a little boost.

If your man is a little scared off by beauty products then this is a great brand to phase him in. This is definitely a brand for manly men and lads! The website also offers gift sets which would he a lovely gift for a teenager or young adult.

For more information or to purchase, see the website:


*PR Sample



  1. I got my hands on some of these too. I included them in Father's gift guide back when it was Father's day. We gifted the shaving solution to my partners Dad and my boyfriend kept the cooling moisturiser. I haven't asked if he's enjoying it, but it's pretty obvious he his since he's wearing it everyday :) Nice to see him embrace his feminine side lol x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. Lol yeah that's exactly what my boyfriend is like. I ask him if he likes things and he always says they are only ok but then wants them repurchased lol xx

  2. Sounds like a good product to recommend to my friends. I'm not sure if the product is available in my country though.
    Would you like to follow each other via gfc?

  3. This sounds like a great product, definitely something I would consider for my friends.


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