Tuesday, 8 July 2014

American Drugstore Beauty Haul

Recently my sister went to America and she very kindly offered to pick up some makeup for me! I gave her a wee list of things to look out for but I also said just to get anything she thought looked nice and wasn't available in the UK. She did an amazing job and I'm so happy with everything she got me!
I don't know the prices my sister paid so I won't include these but I do know she got them all from the drugstore or supermarket.
eos Lip Balm in Blueberry Acai, Pomegante Raspberry and Lemon Drop spf15
These are raved above and I have never had the opportunity to try them so I am delighted to have them now! I'm really glad that my sister picked up 3 and she also chose a lovely variety of scents. The lemon drop one will be the one I try first as it has the benefit of spf15 which is great for this time of year.
Physicans Formula pH Powered Lip Gloss
I have never heard of this product but my sister bought it because it is so interesting and different to anything we have here. Firstly the packaging is amazing. The tube as a handy mirror on the side and inside the lid there is a light which shines on the applicator as you apply it! Amazing for nights out. This lipgloss claims to adapt to your skintone and match your lips in 60 seconds.
NYX Butter Gloss in Strawbery
I have wanted to try one of these for ages and this colour is gorgeous! This smells absolutely amazing - kind of like the Collection cream puffs but maybe even nicer!
Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara and NYC City Curls
We don't have Covergirl over here so I was keen to try one of their products and their mascaras have good reviews. The packaging of this one is really cool and the brush is a great shape. My sister also got me this NYC mascara because she saw it on offer.
NYC Expert Last Lip Colour in Modern Love
I have tried a few lip products from NYC and really like them. This one is a new release so I look forward to seeing how I get on with it. The colour is a lovely rose pink, great for an everyday look.
Milani Illuminating Face Powder in 03
As soon as I saw this I was in love. It's just so pretty! I have never tried any Milani products before but I have heard great things so I added this to my list. This can be used as a highlighter or as a blush.
Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in The Naked Truth
I have seen so many you tubers pick up one of these palettes whilst in the US so I asked my sister to get one for me. This is a great sized item for travelling and has lovely shades. Each shade has an area of the eye printed on it - telling you where to apply it to.
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush
This was the thing I wanted the most and I was over the moon that my sister managed to get it. Every time I see this in someone's blog I just fall in love with it! I am so chuffed to finally have it and I can't wait to get using it.

I am so grateful to my sister for taking time out of her holiday to go searching for these things for me and I can't wait to get using them. If you would like any full reviews then please let me know in the comments box!


  1. So jealous of the Happy Booster Blush! It's been on my wishlist for absolutely ages. Please do a review! Raspberrykiss xo

    1. It's lovely isn't it! Will do :)

  2. Great haul!


  3. I've always wanted to try these things! x

    Lizzie's Corner

  4. I am super jealous! I have a few eos lip balms and I love those!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. I still haven't tried them - trying to use up some stuff first!


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