Monday, 14 July 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - Review

I am not a fan of BB creams and I have never been entirely sold on CC creams. I like the coverage of a foundation and have never felt the need to use anything lighter. When I heard about this one though, I decided to pick it up given it's excellent reviews. Colour Correcting creams claim to even out skin tone to give a smooth skin look, meaning you may not need a full face of foundation. I have no problem with wearing foundation everyday but it may save me a little money if I were able to have days without it.

The packaging is fairly standard, a tube with a thin nozzle for precise application. I was quite surprised at how thin the consistency was, like a liquid foundation. I prepped my face with a little moisturiser and applied a thin layer of this product using only my finger tips. The cream applies well, blends easily and feels nice on the skin.

As you can see, one thin coat really did even out my complexion. I have a pretty serious breakout on my chin just now and the product did a lot to remove some of the redness from it.

Although I was impressed, I do prefer a higher coverage so I took a tiny amount of my regular foundation and blended it into problem areas like my chin. This added the coverage I needed without using a full face of foundation.

I set my makeup with a little powder and it stayed in place all day.

At £9.99 this is a reasonably priced product. It would be fantastic for good skin days or for those who don't want or need to wear foundation. How much I will use it remains to be seen but I am happy to have it in my collection, especially for these summer months.



  1. Oh wow, this really did even your skin out - I wasn't expecting so much of a difference, I may have to give it a go! Great post :)

    Jess xo

    1. Yeah yeah it's actually a huge difference for such a light product

  2. Ive read so many reviews on this product lately as Im on the lookout for a decent BB/CC cream to slowly prize myself away from full coverage foundation for the summer. Reviews have been quite mixed tho, but I can see clearly that it def evened out your skin tone! :)
    Fab review hun!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. Aw thanks - I def need to get into doing these before and after shots more often x


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