Tuesday, 11 February 2014

U Little Beauty Luxurious Natural Self Tan - Review

U Little Beauty Natural Self Tan £13.50*
Description This all-in-one cream which moisturises and nourishes the body naturally while delivering a beautiful and luxurious tan, is specially formulated to ensure a rich and beautiful streak-free tan. Enriched with rose flower oil, this tan does not have an offensive odour and contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Made from 100% Certified Organic and Natural ingredients, this self-tan is more like a luxe moisturiser making sure your skin will look as good as it feels. Plus, no fake tan smell!
I am a big fan of fake tan and usually an avid tanner but recently I have found myself embracing my naturally pale skin a bit more! Around Christmas and New Year I was constantly tanned and so I allowed my skin to have a tan free January for a bit of a detox! Now I'm back on the tan and have dug out this natural tanner from my collection.
At £13.50 this is a very affordable tanner and something I could afford to use often and not just for special occasions. The packaging is nothing startling to look at but displays all the relevant information and dispenses the product in a neat and non messy way! This natural tan is vegan, cruelty free and free from SLS and parabens.
As soon as you dispense this product onto your fingers you realise this is unlike other tanners. Firstly this product isn't tinted and doesn't have a guide colour. The tan is white and feels like any body lotion or face cream on the skin. You rub this into your skin as you would a moisturiser and then wash your hands to avoid tan hands!
The product feels very nourishing on the skin and smells lovely! I really don't know how to describe the scent other than to say that it isn't at all a tan smell!
Normally I use a fairly dark tan and, dare I say it, like my tan to look fake! This product does not deliver that look. I applied the product, went to sleep and then showered it off the next morning. I barely noticed the colour change on my skin other than a little uneven orange mark across my knee. I reapplied the next day and my skin was left with a warmer feel and a bit of a glow. I woild liken this to a gradual tanner rather than a fake tan.
This tan really does act like a moisturiser and the areas I used it on were left hydrated and soft. The colour became even and pretty but was very natural looking and not particularly dark.
If you are super pale, a tan virgin or just like a little glow then I definitely recommend this product. The application is easy, the product smells lovely and the tan leaves you with soft skin. However for me this isn't really dark enough and not something I will be reaching for very often.
This can be purchased from http://www.mahinaturals.com/u-little-beauty/u-little-beauty-luxurious-self-tan
*PR Sample

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