Saturday, 8 February 2014

MUA Eyeshadow Trio - Chocolate Box

I bought one of these MUA trios in Pink Sorbet last year when shopping in Glasgow. I absolutely love it, have worn it nearly daily since and have used up one of the colours! Recently I was in Glasgow again with my boyfriend and decided to pick up another!
For £2.50 these are an absolute bargain and surprisingly good quality. I use an eyeshadow pencil as a base and with it these shadows last all day. They are well pigmented and not chalky in texture. Chocolate box is a trio of shimmery brown shades. There is a dark, medium and light shade and a mini applicator.
In the Pink Sorbet trio, the 3 shades compliment each other really well and allow for a complete eye look using just the one product. I don't feel that Chocolate Box has achieved this. None of the colours is quite light enough for brow bone or inner eye so really you have two mediums and a dark. That being said, the colours are lovely on the lid and the dark shade is perfect for outer corners.
These colours are obviously supposed to be brown, as the name would suggest, and in the swatches they look it. When I apply these to my eye lids, especially the 3rd shade in the swatch, it looks far more grey than brown and I end up with a much colder look. I don't mind this as I feel my skin tone suits a grey eye, but if you were looking for a true brown then this trio isn't for you.
Overall I like Chocolate Box and have used it several times since purchasing but I don't think it will become the favourite that Pink Sorbet has.
Have you tried any of the MUA eyeshadow trios?


  1. That is a bargain for £2.50 and such a good combination of shades too x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Yeah it really is. Def keen to try more of them now!

  2. Those looks great and super pigmented. Nice colors as well!!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. Yeah really nice, I wear the medium shade all the time!

  3. MUA eyeshadows are amazing for the price x


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