Thursday, 27 February 2014

Current Favourites - Beauty, Books and Underwear!

Teenage memories and hilarious books!

I have always been a reader, especially when I was younger and had more time on my hands! I liked to read basically anything but particularly girly trash! Me and my friend Kathryn loved the Louise Rennison novels and when I saw she had a new series out, it was a serious blast from the past! Rennison writes the funniest stories that are laugh out loud hilarious and so easy for teenagers to relate to! With brilliant chapter titles like 'My Inner Snogger' and 'He's Got The Right Amount of Lip', Rennison really does deserve the title of Queen of Comedy. The Taming of the Tights is one of three books about the character Tallulah Casey. It is available to buy on Amazon and for Kindle here -


Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

I have raved about this before but I never repurchased because I had so many body lotions and butters to get through from Christmas! In a recent Boots 3 for 2 I decided to grab this again and have fallen back in love instantly! It's just so handy and you can moisturise your whole body in seconds!


Random Subscription Services ...... Panties By Post!

Before blogging I didn't know much about subscription services but that has since changed! I love subscription services and have tried many beauty ones as well as a few healthy snack services. A little researching online lead me to discover monthly underwear! I love underwear almost as much as makeup and was delighted to try Panty By Post*. Panty By Post are an American company but ship to the UK. I was asked my size as well as what styles I like to wear. My lovely thong underwear was shipped out in secure packaging, wrapped in lovely girly tissue paper. I also received a pop band style hair tie in my package. The underwear I received is really cute and high quality feeling. To subscribe or find out more, visit


Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I bought this foundation a while ago and was instantly hooked. I used it daily for weeks but then tossed it aside when I bought other products. Recently I took it out again and enjoyed it but found it a little too dark for my skin. I bought a new shade and have fallen straight back in love! This foundation is everything I want in a foundation! It's high coverage and really long lasting. And best of all, it's £5.99!


Healgel Eye*

When I first tried Healgel Face I literally could not stop raving about it! I have nearly finished my bottle now and I'm gutted! I couldn't wait to try Healgel Eye and I wasn't disappointed! I honestly think there must be secret and magical ingredients in these products! How many products do you try that actually work?! Just as Healgel Face did, Healgel Eye has transformed skin! Used twice daily I feel like this product really plumps my under eye area, has taken away that sunken look. It feels really smooth on the skin and smells lovely! Combined with the face serum this gives me flawless skin and is a fantastic base for makeup. Another bonus is the fantastic packaging. The base pushes the product out meaning you don't have to cut it open and scrape out the remains! The only negative I could say for these products is they are a little on the pricey side. However I can sincerely say they are worth it so save up and treat yourself!




  1. Hahaha I love the panty by post! Funny.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Haha it's great. Right up my street!


  2. I loved Louise Renninson when I was younger - they made my cry with laughter! Xo

  3. I used to love Louise Renninson but had totally forgotten about her books until I saw your post! I'm definitely going to head over to Amazon and order The Taming of the Tights :) x

    1. Brilliant books aren't they! Totally feel good :)


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