Thursday, 30 January 2014

Yaoh Hemp Products - Moisturisers and Lip Balms - Review

When I was offered to try these Yaoh Hemp Products I was really interested as I have never heard of hemp being used in this way before. I aware of hemp but only as a material and not as an oil. Yaoh products all contain organic hemp seed oil and are made fresh in small batches. Yaoh products are free from palm oil, parabens, SLS and chemical stabilisers and preservatives. The products are vegan and rich in essential oils and herbal extracts.

Moisturising Cream - Original, Papaya, Coco Bean £5.99 each*

The packaging of these creams is nothing special, with each being housed in a sturdy plastic tub with a label. Although not much to look at, the tub is very solid feeling and the lid screws on tightly meaning it would be great for travelling and isn't going to spilt or spill.

The cream is available in original, papaya and coca bean. Coco bean is a lovely scented cream and reminds me of a chocolate milkshake or ice cream. Papaya is a very sweet cream and smells like refresher sweeties!

The first thing that struck me when I opened the tub was how full it was! You get 50g of product here and the little tub really is full to the top! The creams themselves are really lovely. When you rub your finger over the product it is a very firm cream, almost like a body butter, meaning that only a little is needed. The thick consistency of the product makes if feels very luxurious. When I apply this to my skin it absorbs easily and leaves a nice soft feeling, with no residue of the product. My skin is instantly hydrated also. If I apply this at night time, I can still feel this result in the morning. For £5.99 this is an absolute bargain and a must have moisturiser for any skin type.

Lipbalms - Coconut, Mango, Spearmint, Blueberry, Strawberries n Cream £2.75 each*

I can't resist a lipbalm. I need to have one in my bag, in my pocket, on my desk and anywhere else that I may be! These are packaged very plainly and very similarly to many other lipbalms. I prefer this tube packaging to a tub as I wear nail extensions and don't like lipbalm to get under them. There are 5 different scents to choose from here. Each is lovely and not too overpowering. My favourite is mango which smells and tastes very sweet. The coconut balm has the added benefit of being SPF 15 so is ideal for the summer.

When applied these balms leave a residue on the lips which feels similar to a light layer of Vaseline. However unlike Vaseline they sink into the lips leaving them moiste and hydrated. I find I need to apply this less frequently than I do with other products. Each balm contains 4g of product and is £2.75.

Yaoh products are available to buy at

They offer very reasonable shipping costs and a discount on bulk orders.

*PR Samples


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