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Eye of Horus Mascara Black a Goddess - Review

If there is one product I have never found a 'holy grail' of, it's mascara. I love mascara and I'm always careful to get rid of them after a few months and so I get through plenty! Rather than repurchase though, I usually end up buying a different mascara each time. This is partly because I have never found anything that totally impresses me and partly because I like trying new products. Recently I was offered the chance to try a very interesting mascara from a brand that is new to me, Eye of Horus.
Eye of Horus are an Australian, cruelty free brand created by woman who wanted a product suitable for sensitive eyes with no hidden chemicals.
Eye of Horus illuminating essential range of Goddess eye makeup is based on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients, including the revered Moringa Oil claimed by the gods for its beautifying and regenerating powers.
Eye of Horus hypnotic and high performance products Awakens the Goddess Within you, by delivering cosmetic that are:
Non clumping
Non sensitising.
Representing regeneration, health and protection, the ancient Egyptian Symbol of the Eye of Horus ensures healing, wisdom and prosperity to its bearer. The ancients used the most precious waxes and oils in their iconic eye makeup, including:
Beeswax, Ricebran Wax, Canauba, Candellia, and Jojoba waxes and Almond , Moringa, and Sesame oils
Eye of Horus Mascara Black Goddess £17*
A picture of the bag of Eye of Horus Mascara
As you know by now, I am a sucker for fancy packaging. I'm such a magpie and can't resist anything in gorgeous wrapping. Who wouldn't love a mascara that comes in it's own bag?! The bag is thick, black paper with a yellow string handle and ribbon around the top. The beautiful logo is printed in gold on the front and inside the product is wrapped in gold tissue.
A picture of the box of Eye of Horus Mascara
A picture of the box of Eye of Horus Mascara
As if the bag wasn't enough, the mascara comes in a luxurious feeling box, also black with the gold design. On the end of the box is the iconic Eye of Horus logo.
A picture of the tube of Eye of Horus Mascara
When you finally reach the actual product, the mascara is in a classic black tube with more gold print. This is a very high quality feeling product and well presented enough to make a great gift.
A picture of the brush of Eye of Horus Mascara
A picture of the brush of Eye of Horus Mascara
The brush is a plastic bristle, thin one. Personally I like both plastic brushes and bristle brushes. I tend to use two mascaras everyday and choose one with each type of brush. I like a bristle brush for volume but find these plastic brushes great for length and for separating my lashes.
This mascara is a real joy to apply and I am really enjoying wearing it. The brush is fairly small and so doesn't cause smudging or accidental marks on my nose and eyelids. The brush is really great for getting between my lashes and I feel as though every lash is being coated in the product. With this mascara I have noticed some baby lashes that were not getting picked up with my last mascara. I would say this is more of a lengthening and natural look mascara than a volumising one. I apply two coats and that does give added volume but maybe not as much as I would go for on a night out. The mascara remains completely clump free and applies evenly to the lashes.
Throughout the day I don't notice the product smudging or transferring. It stays put all day in fact. I am most happy when it comes to removing this mascara. The colour comes off an absolute dream! With other mascaras I think I have got it all off then wake up with panda eyes or still find black marks during my morning cleanse. However with this product, every but colour is removed easily with my usual makeup remover. My lashes also feel really soft and natural and not at all stiff or weighed down by product.
This is a really lovely mascara and is lovely for everyday use as it is gentle on my lashes and provides a lovely natural look.
To see more eye makeup from Eye of Horus or to purchase visit the website 
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