Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Along Came Betty Fix Me Quick Mattifier Primer Stick

Along Came Betty are a budget beauty brand exclusive to Tesco who make makeup and toiletries at very affordable prices. Recently I reviewed the brow kit and I have also recieved a few gift sets and have really enjoyed all the products.
Primer stick
Back of the box Along Came Betty Fix Me Quick
Sometimes I see a product, see that it's interesting and cheap and buy it even though I may not need it! That is what happened with this product! I picked this up for £3.95 after testing it on the back of my hand and thinking it felt really nice. I don't have oily or shiny skin and don't need to be 'mattified' so this product isn't really aimed at me! That being said, I do like a primer and so decided to give this a go.
The stick Along Came Betty Fix Me Quick
The product Along Came Betty Fix Me Quick
The product comes in a plastic tube and winds up like a lipbalm. The product is solid but melts easily onto the skin. I tend to need primer on my forehead and cheeks and so apply this directly to these areas them gently blend it with my fingers. This feels really silky on the skin and reminds me of the feeling that Porefessional gives. My skin is left instantly matte. This can also be applied over the top of makeup which woild be handy for people who get a shiny face as the day goes on. I love the feeling of this on my skin and my foundation applies easily and doesn't sink into my face as much. The problem I do have is I feel like the rest of my makeup doesn't sit right next to the primer patches. I have tried using this on my whole face but it makes my makeup crease or shift on my face.
I got this for £3.95 on Tesco however I have seen it advertised for various prices, up to £5.95. If you are prone to a shiny face then I woild suggest picking this up and seeing how it works for you. However for me, this isn't a product that I will be buying again.


  1. I've tried their concealer before, the one that comes with the setting powder. It wasn't that great to be honest. Seemed like an amazing product in theory but the concealers weren't good colours, they weren't very creamy either and the setting powder would leave me looking ghostly. Was thinking of trying the primer next, but might give it a miss now x.

    1. I quite like the eyebrow kit, maybe try that next :)

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  3. This sounds lovely - definitely something I'd like to try as my skin is quite oily! I love this brand, their eyebrow kit is so easy to use & looks amazing :) x


    1. You should pick this up :) it's a great price x


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