Thursday, 5 December 2013

November Empties

I realise my empties are extremely late this month and I apologise! Basically I am never at home during daylight hours at the moment and so I struggle to take photos. In the end I have had to take these pictures in the awful, stupid spotlights I have in my bedroom and so the quality is poor!

I have used a fair amount this month, as per usual. I have linked full reviews so please check them out for more details.


This is ok and it does the job but the creamy texture mean that you need to use loads in order to remove all your makeup. I feel like you are more rubbing this into your skin than wiping it over. It is also not good for eye makeup so a dedicated remover is needed. I didn't mind this but it's not the best cleansing lotion that I have used. 
Repurchase? No 

I must preferred this to the above and found I got a much better result. I didn't find this to be quite e wonder product that many people made out but it is very gentle and super for removing makeup.
Repurchase? Yes 

At 97p you really can't go wrong with this bargain. I use this weekly and I really can't fault it. It's not an overly abrasive scrub and personally I like the gentler approach for my skin.
Repurchase? Yes 

Vita Bella Hydrating Face Cream*
This came with the spa treatment in a box and was designed to be used for a while afterwards to extent the affect of the mask. This smells gorgeous and was a lovely cream to use, leaving my skin super soft.
Repurchase? Maybe as a treat 

Pure Exfoliating Wipes
These aren't my favourite wipes but I only really use them to fix makeup errors or wipes my fingers when applying foundation.
Repurchase? Yes

Collin Resultime Hydrating Cream and Lifting Minute Mask*

I got these little samples as part of a PR sample mini facial. I loved the mask and found the sample size was perfect for one application. This mask only needs to be left on for 5 minutes which is much more realistic than the 10-15 minute masks that I keep coming across. I found my makeup smoothed on really nicely after this as my skin felt very even. I use the cream after the mask to give some moisture to the skin and I love the high end, spa treatment scent of it.
T-Zone Nose Pore Strip
I don't get many black heads but use these every now and them to keep my pores clear. I hate the removal and find it very painful and I don't get brilliant results. However they are very cheap!
Repurchase? No

Superdrug Apricot Exfoliating Mask
I got two applications from this. It smells lovely and does a nice job.
Repurchase? Yes


I absolutely love this shampoo. It smells lovely, leaves my hair squeaky cleans and really had some depth and volume to my usually fine hair. A real favourite.
Repurchase? Yes 

Naturalmente Fruit Acids Conditioner*
I actually really enjoyed using this product. I was surprised at the brown colour but I love the texture and find that a little goes a long way. I suffer from dry scalp in the winter but this was really gentle on it. I also love how light and product-free my hair felt from using this.


This is one of the nicest bath bombs to watch! It is really Christmassy and puts on a show in your bath! 
Repurchase? Yes

Miss Patisserie Bath Macaroon
I love that this was easily broken in too so that it could be used for two baths. I also thought the smell of this was incredible. 
Repurchase? Maybe 


Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner
I love this liner and have repurchased it several times. I have decided not to repurchase this time simply because I am beginni to question it's value for money. A regular pencil seems to last me nearly all year where as this wind up version sees me through no more than 2 months. 
Repurchase? Maybe 

Nivea Lash Elastic
I got this in a pound shop meaning that I am unlikely to find it again. This disappoints me greatly because I adore it! This mascara separates my lashes beautifully and really lengthens them, allowing me to apply a coat of volume mascara really evenly. I love it and I would love to know if anyone sees this to buy!
Repurchase? Yes

For the prices I paid or for full reviews, please click on the product names. 


  1. Well done on using up so many products this month! I'm terrible at using things up, I just start opening new ones. That shampoo sounds fab, I've not heard of that brand before x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I always have loads of empties!



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