Wednesday, 11 December 2013

All Natural Soap Co.

I'm a sucker for a fancy soap! Soaps from the All Natural Soap Co. are handmade in London, look good, smell lovely and are full of natural glycerine. There is a lot of press at the moment on the harm that palm oil causes however these soaps are made of olive oil and wild shea butter instead. The products are minimally packaged and cruelty free - a guilt free pleasure! 

All Natural Soap Company

The Lemongrass Chai bar pictured is a sample and not the full sized product.

Lemongrass Chai £3.95*

All Natural Soap Company

Wonderfully reviving and comforting, this is the soap to reach for when you’re feeling worn out and in need of a rest. The scent is reminiscent of a calming cup of spiced chai served with a curl of lemon, and while more exotic than your average cuppa, it still retains the same reassuring cosiness of that perfect cup of tea. Just as with the chai you drink, this calming soap is also delicately sprinkled with ground cinnamon. This makes it somewhat scrubby, and really helps add to the feeling that you’re washing that you’re washing the day away. Each bar weighs at least 115 grams.

I adore the smell of this soap! It smells so warm and comforting and the spice of it almost reminds me of a hot glass of mulled wine! This would be perfect for a bath or a shower before bed as it's calming and relaxing. This has a gentle scrub element and leaves really soft and smooth skin. 

 Citrus Sunshine £3.95*

The label of All Natural Soap Company

unwrapped All Natural Soap Company

Handmade in London All Natural Soap Company

A gorgeous, uplifting scent to help get your day off to a sunny start. Enriched with shea butter and antioxidant carrot powder, which give the soap a creamy texture that is gently exfoliating. Each bar weighs at least 115 grams. 

I recieved the full size version of this soap and so can show you the packaging and product. The packaging is basic to avoid harming the environment with excess packaging. It is simple but does the job. The soap itself is really lovely looking. A big slab of soap with 'Handmade in London' engraved into the product. 

This soap is a much fresher smelling one. The citrus, zesty smell makes this a great soap for an early morning shower. This product would be an excellent wake-up call. The little carrot pieces gives a nice scrub without being abrasive and the product leaves smooth and squeaky clean skin. 

All Natural Soap Co. soaps are perfect for any soap fan. They are perfect and affordable enough for everyday use yet lovely for a gift too.

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  1. Ooh these sound lovely! I've been seeing loads of reviews for natural soaps recently and it's made me want to try them. I've never really been a soap person but these are tempting! I'm going to try and make my own lotion bars soon as I had so much fun making my own body scrub!

    Amber's Beauty Talk

    1. Aw wow making your own sounds cool but il still to these because I'm lazy haha x


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