Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide #4 Golden Wonder Lush Bath Bomb

I love getting Lush bath bombs as gifts. They are something that I only occasionally buy for myself due to how expensive and non essential they are so it's a real treat when I get one as a present. Currently Lush have their Christmas line in store. I picked up this bath bomb which would be a great present for any Lush fan!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb £3.50

This is a lovely looking bomb. The product is shaped like a parcel with a large bow on top. It is a very shimmery gold and the bow is a contrasting white. When you give it a little shake you can hear that there is something inside and it almost has a bell sound to it. I don't know how to describe the smell of this except to say that it smells gorgeous! 

This is a great gift for any glitter loving girl! The gold is so shimmery that when I lifted the bomb up, my fingers were totally gold! 

All Lush bath bombs are impressive but this one is spectacular! At first the bomb fizzes gold like you would expect. From inside the gold, little gold stars appear and float on the surface of the water. As the gold fizzes off the bomb turns a bright turquoise colour which stains the water. Just before the bomb finishes, it breaks in half and a little purple, orange and green spot of colour come out! The bath is left a really deep greeny blue with a layer of gold shimmer on the top! 

This bomb is definitely something special and is a super stocking filler for any bath lover!  



  1. Great description - can't wait to try it but I'm waiting until December is here :o). Xx

    1. You will love it, it's lovely :)


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