Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Day Off Sick - Products I Used

Recently I had to have a day off work due to being too ill to go in! I had all the symptoms of a cold as well as an aching body. I knew I could only afford to have one day off as work was going to be very busy the following day and I always feel so guilty when I'm off. With that in mind I spent the day resting and trying to get better and some pampering came into that!

I always use lots of lip balm but my lips get especially dry when I'm run down. There is nothing particularly special about this lip balm but it was next to my bed and so I spent the day applying it. I'm not overly keen in the scent and taste but it keeps my lips soft and smooth and isn't sticky on the lips.

Is there anything worse than the horrible red nose that you get from rubbing rough tissues over it all day? With a day of constant nose blowing I was sure to keep applying this throughout the day to help sooth the skin and stop it from becoming dry and damaged. 

Tranquilty Lavender Bath Bomb*

I was sent a selection of products from Tranquility and a full review will follow but I could wait and had to use this to cheer me up and give me a relaxing bath! These bombs are an absolute bargain at only £2 each! This gave off a lovely, soothing smell and was perfect to relax me. It turned my bath a gorgeous purple too. What I loved about this bomb was that it took a long time to fizz. Usually with the lush ones they are over in seconds and you feel a bit robbed but this kept going for a while! 

I am always raving about this stuff and have gone through loads of it now! It's such a great mask but what made it super for my sick day is the scent. It's minty and almost menthol and I could feel it clearly my skin and airways as I relaxed in the bath. You really must try this mask as I can't think of anything better! 

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream*

I have tried BB creams in the past but they just aren't for me. I like the coverage of foundation and don't really have light makeup days. When I'm off sick I don't usually wear makeup but, late in the afternoon I had to pop out to Tesco for supplies and decided that a wee bit of colour would make me feel more alive! This BB cream was perfect for that. Firstly this smells lovely! It's applies really well and I built it up to get a decent amount of coverage. It felt really nice on my skin. If I were to get into BB creams then this would definitely be the one I would buy.

What products do you like using when you are under the weather? 

*PR Samples 



  1. Sorry to hear you were unwell. It's good to have a little stash of emergency products to make yourself feel better! I like using a citrus body wash to help energise me when I am feeling off. Helps to get some energy into you when you have to go to the doctors!

    Kate Xx

    1. I'm better now thanks! Aw yet thats another good idea!


  2. Sorry you were sick. Hope you're feeling better now:
    That clay mask sounds really great!

    1. I am thanks :)
      It's amazing - you should totally get hold of some!

  3. Aw even from your sick bed you're thinking of us. Get well soon

    Jules x



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