Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Favourite From ... Glossybox May 2013

I loved my May Glossybox. If you read my post, you will know that there was not a bad item in my box! With that in mind, it's hard to choose a favourite. One thing I will say is that I totally overlooked the BM Beauty mixing medium. The packaging was so uninspiring and the sample so small that I didn't think it would be up to much. I was wrong. I have blended it with my hi light powder and I love the result. It makes a smooth cream and you only need a tiny bit! I love the perfume, the nail varnish is gorgeous and lasts a long time without chipping. I like the oil but will avoid using it in my hair as it made it greasy looking. And now to my favourite:

My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream

What's not to like? It smells great, it makes my skin smooth and soft and the money goes to patient care! I love the idea, the packaging and the product. I tweeted the company who emailed me to say they are working on new products for the range. I had suggested a shower gel which they said is in the pipeline so I can't wait to see that! Thank you Glossybox for helping me discover this great product. This retails at £6.99.

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