Sunday, 23 June 2013

Free In-Store - The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Blam

You have read the title correctly, this lip balm is free in store just now from The Body Shop. All you need is a voucher code to quote in the shop. I got mine from yesterday and took it into the shop today. There are several variations to choose from but I chose Lychee Shimmer.

The packaging is lovely. It reminds me of Soap&Glory because it has the same funky feel and pink colour.

The lip balms are tinted and I chose this one because of how subtle it is. The balm is shimmery and leaves a shiny look on your lips without being full of glitter. The smell is lovely and the product is moisturising on the lips and lasts several hours.

At full price these lip balms are £3 and I think I will purchase another in the future. This is a brilliant offer with no purchase necessary, a true freebie! The codes are not unique so I will happily share my code if anyone wants one. 

I am now on Twitter so tweet me if you need the voucher code. Don't miss out!



  1. That is really cute packaging xx

  2. I am in love with these!! I have the Pink Berry one, you should try that one, it is just a really sheer light pink! I love the look of this one, definitely going to buy one the next time im out!
    Fab blog! I have just done a lip product post on my blog as well, maybe you would like to read it! Check it out?xx

    1. Aw thanks!
      So good for a freebie.
      Il def go have a look, thanks x

  3. Who doesn't love free stuff!?
    Thanks for sharing!

    ...I wonder if this works in the U.S?

    Between Friends Fashion --> GIVEAWAY

    1. Ooh I don't know.

      Il check out your blog now

  4. Free :O
    Wow! Wonder if the offer is still on! Body shop products are sooo lush :)


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